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Brian Harris

Increase The Traffic On The Website

How Guest Post Is Used To Increase The Traffic On The Website?

Now, it is popular to use SEO services to reach business success. The SEO service gives many more benefits to your business. In that way, the link building in SEO is effective to choose among other options. Link building is one of the processes of search engine optimization that helps you in many ways. Link ...

Brian Harris

Social Media Trendas

New Social Media Trends to Watch Out For in 2021

When it comes to advertising yourself online, few forms of marketing are as viable as social media marketing. Facebook, Twitter, and the like can provide your brand with tons of exposure, helping you to nab a substantial number of customers, fans, or clients in just a short amount of time.  Curious as to new social ...

Brian Harris

Best Gaming Laptops for 2024

When you’re on a mission to save the world, you want to make sure that you’re using the best tech at your disposal. Thanks to their great audio, beautiful displays, and powerful graphics, the best gaming laptops provide an entertaining and immersive experience. And they manage to do it all in a portable package. Many ...

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The truth is that content marketing strategy and SEO (search engine optimization) should be used in unity to achieve the best possible growth for any business brand. Content marketing strategy places users’ needs and interest first and also leverages your brand’s strength. While SEO is the process of optimizing a website so that it can ...

Brian Harris

Social Media Marketing Tips

Top 5 Social Media Marketing Tips for 2021

Social media has taken the world by storm in the last decade or so. Twitter, Instagram, and, yes, even Facebook are popular social media platforms today.  According to Review42, marketers said social media marketing has increased the exposure of their business by 90 percent.  Keep reading to discover 5 handy social media marketing tips for ...

Brian Harris

Data Management

Is Data Safety An Important Part of Data Management: What You Should Know

Introduction If you have been following the news or are active on social media, you would have heard about big data breaches. Some of the biggest companies, which are supposed to have extensive firewalls have been found wanting from cyberattacks.  Having your data taken by anti-social elements can be disastrous for businesses. It does not ...

Brian Harris

Web hosting and cybersecurity

Web hosting and cybersecurity: An update and buyers guide

Web hosting companies have spent a lot of money trying to keep their clients as well as web users safe from cyber attacks. Yet there are those who also profit from customers’ misfortunes, for example, Godaddy sells a “Malware removal service” to solve a problem that it’s competitors are not very vulnerable to. At a ...

Brian Harris

Print Marketing

The Secret to Iconic Print Marketing in the Digital Age

Did you know that 56% of consumers trust print marketing over any other advertising method? Although companies place a lot of emphasis on digital marketing today (as they should), print advertising is far from obsolete. Print ads are a tried-and-true method of reaching people on a personalized level. So, what goes into the best print ...

Brian Harris


How to Do Payroll Yourself: Quick and Efficient Methods for Success

Payroll is a term many employees are familiar with, but probably don’t know the real meaning of it. So what is payroll anyway?  Payroll is considered the total of all compensation that your business must pay to its employees over a set period of time or a given date. This also includes wages, bonuses, salaries, ...

Brian Harris

Social Media Popularised Gaming

How Social Media Popularised Gaming

The rise of social media has been the phenomenon of the past two decades, the bigger services have been able to boast millions of active users accounting for some 30% of the world’s total population showing just how big the platforms have become – and with the huge number of users, it shows just how ...