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Brian Harris

Pink city of Jaipur

Top things to do in the Pink city of Jaipur

Jaipur is known as one of the most popular cities in the state of Rajasthan and is very much famous across the globe. This particular place is very much successful in terms of providing people with mesmerising views of nature and also helps in ensuring that everyone will be on the right track of dealing ...

Brian Harris

Kochi cruise

Head on a Kochi cruise for a fun-filled family vacation

Kochi, also known as Cochin, is a famous city in southwest India’s coastal state of Kerala. Many people call it the ‘Queen of the Arabian Sea’ as it is one of the finest natural harbors in the world and used to be the center of the world spice trade for many centuries.  There are various ...

Brian Harris

What to Bring on a Hike: The Essentials

If you’re new to hiking or have been doing it for years, it’s always a good idea to be prepared when you hit the trailer. Weather, injuries, or any other unexpected event can take your outdoor adventure down a different path, so you should be ready for any situation.  The last thing you want is ...

Brian Harris

Things to Do in Australia

5 Things to Do in Australia the Whole Family Will Enjoy

Want to experience a cozy escapade with the whole family? Australia is one of the best destinations to travel with your family. However, if it’s your first time, you may not know what things to do in Australia? Don’t worry. From the mesmerizing coastline to diverse wildlife, we’ll give you tips on your ride in ...

Brian Harris

Vacation Ideas

5 Unique Vacation Ideas for the Avid Wanderer

Are you itching to go on a vacation? With the current pandemic locking us down for the better part of the year, most of us are itching to get out for a vacation. Most need to get out to have a break from the scenery they’ve familiarized themselves with. Others need to get out because ...

Brian Harris

Make the Most of Your Trip With This 3-Day Los Angeles Itinerary

Los Angeles is the city of glitz, celebrities, sandy beaches, and constant sunshine. Located in the state of California, it’s one of the top five cities to visit in the USA. From marveling at the glamour of Hollywood, chilling on the beautiful boardwalks, doing luxury shopping, and eating great food, spending three days in LA ...

Brian Harris

Kangaroo in Australia

Amazing Australia: 15 Reasons Why You Should See Kangaroo in 2021

Australia is such an exciting country with beautiful beaches, great weather, and the famous kangaroos. This is a country that has more kangaroos than people. This alone should make you think of coming to Australia next year. Kangaroo is an amazing animal that people travel to see in Australia after having traveling papers ready. You ...

Brian Harris


There are nearly a hundred ways to immigrate to Canada

Did you know that Canada had nearly 104 economic immigration programs? Not just the federal government but every province and territory in Canada has been making great strides in introducing several immigration programs in the last thirty years. All these immigration programs have a common goal: provide a large number of immigration pathways for skilled ...

Brian Harris

Benefits Of Road Tripping

Fueled by inspiring road-trip ideas, many people all over the globe get behind the wheel ever shopping list and set out on an unplanned road trip. A few years back, travelers were hampered by wretched roads and limited by the speed and endurance of the vehicles but now everything has changed, y year, and let ...