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The Secret to Iconic Print Marketing in the Digital Age

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Did you know that 56% of consumers trust print marketing over any other advertising method?

Although companies place a lot of emphasis on digital marketing today (as they should), print advertising is far from obsolete. Print ads are a tried-and-true method of reaching people on a personalized level.

So, what goes into the best print advertisements? Which print marketing materials should you choose? And how can you ensure your print marketing campaigns will be a success in 2020 (and beyond)?

The answers lie just ahead, so keep reading!

Print Marketing Is in It for the Long Haul

Physical print marketing spending is expected to stay at about $24 billion per year from 2021 onward.

We think you’ll agree that some of your favorite ads involve clever, tongue-in-cheek jokes. These kinds of jokes often only come across well on a regional level. Think of it a little bit like localized SEO or PPC campaigns in a social media app everyone uses, but a lot of people forget about advertising on.

As we’ve touched on already, there’s more to print than to digital marketing, in way of depth, effort, and trust. Anyone can publish something digitally on a website. But it takes more effort to get something into your hands and in front of your face.

Seeing something real gives emotive support to a message. It tells customers “we went all out for you,” in a way that pixels can’t match.

The simple fact is that we live in the real world, even if we often interact using our mobile devices and computers. Print and print marketing will never die.

How to Take Advantage of Print Marketing

Printmakers, print designers, and marketers that are true experts in the field might be less front-and-center in these digital days. You can get started on your journey by finding printmaking experts like the ones at

How can they help you create your campaign?

As an example, consider billboard displays, window displays, and other types of signage. These continue advertising your product or service as long as people are driving and walking by.

Servicemen plant signs in lawns while they’re doing their job at your home or place of business. Then they take them with them to the next job, with no damage to your property, garden, or lawn.

Meanwhile, vehicle wraps advertise for you while you drive. How many cars do you pass on an average day? How many potential news customers could see your brand?

Printmakers will often leverage their experience and time in the industry. Using their network of designers and marketers, they’ll consult with you on a campaign that will maximize your reach.

The Last Page on Print Advertising

To meet your marketing goals, you need to use a variety of avenues.

Print marketing and print advertising are alive and well in 2020, so continue using these methods to promote your brand. It gives a personal touch that digital advertising can’t match.

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