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Brian Harris

New Social Media Trends to Watch Out For in 2021

Enhancements in TikTok Shopping, Instagram Shopping, ,

When it comes to advertising yourself online, few forms of marketing are as viable as social media marketing. Facebook, Twitter, and the like can provide your brand with tons of exposure, helping you to nab a substantial number of customers, fans, or clients in just a short amount of time. 

Curious as to new social media trends in 2021? Then read on. We’re going to cover them in detail below. 

Increased Prominence of Twitter Fleet

Twitter just recently rolled out its Fleet feature. This is essentially the platform’s version of ‘Stories’. It enables users to upload videos, photos, and text comments for only 24 hours, after which they’ll disappear entirely. 

This feature is sure to be used by just about everybody and will almost undoubtedly result in increased exposure. You can count on new sub-features being rolled out throughout the year. Take advantage of these and try to make Fleet part of your marketing plan. 

Enhancements in Instagram Shopping 

As of late, Instagram has been taking steps to make selling easier for its users. Businesses are not only able to take advantage of the Instagram checkout option but a bevy of other selling tools as well. 

There’s plenty of reason to believe that these selling and shopping options will become more prominent in 2021. Instagram will not only place more attention on them but they’ll also roll out additional shopping features.

So, if you’re a buyer, consider using Instagram to find new products. If you’re a seller, consider using it to increase your sales. 

Enhancements in Facebook Shopping

Instagram isn’t the only social media platform that’s focusing on e-commerce. Facebook is as well and could be a terrific source of income for businesses the world over. 

Look for many businesses to capitalize on this new capability and expect Facebook to make improvements on it throughout 2021. If you own a business yourself, try to find a way to make it work for you. 

Enhancements in TikTok Shopping

TikTok was obviously the biggest social media success story of 2020. It now has almost a billion users and looks like it’s going to be sticking around for a while. 

But, if it’s going to do so, it’s going to need to keep progressing. How will it do this? Our guess is that, like many other social media platforms, it will enhance its e-commerce capabilities. 

Keep an eye out for in-video purchasing options as well as in-profile storefronts. The easier it is for creators to sell their merchandise, the more likely they’ll stick around and create more content. This would bode well for the future of the platform. 

Improvements in Snapchat AR

Augmented reality is starting to take off on every social media platform. But the platform that’s leading the way is Snapchat. They’ve been using AR filters for years and are starting to use AR for functional and practical purposes now as well. 

Something to look out for in 2021 is the ability to scan the barcodes on products, and then receive information and promos relating to those products.

Increased Video Functionality in LinkedIn

With the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus, LinkedIn rolled out live streaming capabilities in 2020. This enabled professionals in all professions to connect with one another via virtual events. 

While in-person events may very well be a thing again fairly soon, you can expect LinkedIn to push on with their live-stream features. Look out for all sorts of enhancements in 2021, and consider using them to boost the visibility of your brand and products. 

Some enhancements you might see include live-streaming in Stories, a ‘top videos’ section comprised of videos from the platform’s top creators, and improved analytics (like a website heatmap, for instance) pertaining to posted videos. 

Increased Prominence of Pay-based Groups

Over time, we’ve seen an increased prioritization of niche groups throughout social media platforms. These are like social media platforms within social media platforms, and they help to bring like-minded people together. 

An example would be Facebook groups within Facebook as well as, of course, OnlyFans accounts. The latter has actually incentivized users to pay in order to become part of the group. We believe that this trend will continue in 2021. 

Not only will existing social media platforms establish a pay-based group model but you’ll also see the advent of new platforms that are based around the pay-based group concept. This will help to form convergences of super fans or those who are ultra-interested in a given topic. 

Altered Algorithms to Stop the Spread of Misinformation

One of the biggest issues that have arisen as a result of search engines is the spread of misinformation. Bad information has been spread by unreliable sources, which has had a severe negative influence on society at large. 

In 2021, expect many social media platforms to combat this problem by changing up their algorithms. This way, credible news will be pushed to the top of each person’s feed while unreliable news will be buried under other content. 

Attract New Followers By Taking Part in These New Social Media Trends

If you’re looking to gain new followers or customers or clients or fans, you need to take part in these new social media trends in 2021. You’ll be surprised at just how much exposure they can bring you. And you would have to be foolish to pass that exposure up. 

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