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5 Unique Vacation Ideas for the Avid Wanderer

Are you itching to go on a vacation?

With the current pandemic locking us down for the better part of the year, most of us are itching to get out for a vacation. Most need to get out to have a break from the scenery they’ve familiarized themselves with. Others need to get out because the lockdown impacted their mental health.

Regardless of the reason, you’ll want your trip to be memorable and unique. To help you come up with great vacation ideas, read what we have below. Use these trip ideas to plan the best vacation today.

1. Take a Plane to Georgia

What better way to kick off your vacation than by going out of the country? If you want to get the best out of your trip, the best way to do so is to visit Georgia. This is among the countries that were a part of the Silk Road, meaning that you can expect a lot out of your trip here.

Georgia sits between Europe and Asia, this means that you can see the cultures of both continents here. Travelers are sure to feel as if they walked into a new country when visiting.

What’s great about Georgia is that you can experience different climates depending on where you are. You can visit the greenest hilltops or travel up north to visit snowy mountains. It’s the perfect place to visit if you don’t know what you want to do on your trip.

2. Visit Oahu, Hawaii

Do you want to experience another culture shock on your trip? Visiting Oahu, Hawaii is a great way to experience it. This is because one part of the area looks a lot like New York City. The other part gives you more of the Hawaiian vibe with warm and beautiful beaches.

3. Explore Ethiopia

If you want to explore the world to find yourself, Ethiopia is the best place to start the journey. This is among the most underrated places for a vacation. This means that the place will be among the most natural and beautiful places you will see.

The food is also among the most underrated. They’re amazing in incorporating honey and their local spices into their cuisine.

4. Enter the Kingdom of Ladakh

Situated 11,500 ft from sea level, Ladakh is among the most unexplored areas in the world. You will see natural beauty in the area blended in well with their local architecture.

You can even opt to stay in the houses in Shakti Village. You can then take a tour and meet the local royalty, monks, and people to get to know their culture.

5. Explore Different Ranches for a Unique Experience

Among the best vacation destinations now that the pandemic affected tourism are ranches. Fewer people were able to visit these areas because of the lockdown. This means that their natural settings and location will be even more beautiful.

Doing this also means that you get to immerse yourself in the ranch lifestyle. Don’t know where to go for these vacations? RanchWeb is your place for vacation ranches.

Use These Vacation Ideas Today

These vacation ideas will help you create great memories while you’re on your trip. Pick a destination and book a trip today!

Do you want more amazing vacation suggestions? There are more ways for you to create the best memories on your trip. Check out more of our blogs and guides to learn more suggestions today!

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