Shopping at a Mall

Brian Harris

Things You Should Never Do While Shopping at a Mall

Shopping at a Mall

As every person knows, taking the whole family for a shopping mall trip can be quite an undertaking. With the entire disturbance, it is quite easy to get distracted from the things that you should never perform at a shopping mall.

Several mistakes can be made accidentally while shopping at a mall. If you keep all of these things in mind, you will have a less worrying shopping experience. 

Here are some of the things that you must never perform at the shopping mall.

Using the main public bathrooms

If nature call arrives while you are window shopping, you must immediately head to any store and find their restroom instead of using the public toilets located outside the stores, which might not be usually maintained. 

Even if you can’t afford the items at that particular store, you can still take full advantage of the cleaner facilities. But, the shopping malls in Illinois offer excellent sanitation and hospitality to all of their customers. 

Walk in the Shopping mall without a list

It might not seem a great deal to go without a list and start shopping, but several studies have proved that a person spends 23 percent more on average when they walk in the mall without a specific plan. 

Getting Ears Pierced

According to research, the piercing guns you find at the shopping malls are not completely sterilized because of the plastic casing. Even if they clean down those needles before piercing, there are still high chances of bacteria, causing further infection. 

So before you make a decision to get the piercing done at shopping malls, always make sure that you visit the mall that has significant experience and those that always keep their stations clean.  If you want to see some professional retailers that are dedicated to their work, you must visit the USA shopping malls.

Putting everything on a credit card

Several people think that they are receiving more offer points or other incentives while purchasing items with a credit card. But actually, it tends you to buy more items by swiping your card on such things that you don’t want or need. Still, several people do this in the greed of cashback rewards. 

Leaving the stroller in the car

When you visit the mall with your kids or grandkids in tow, you may think it is easier to let them walk on their own instead of pushing the heavy stroller around. 

On the other hand, you can make full use of the stroller. You can store your items in the stroller while you roam in the shopping mall. 

Dragging all your shopping bags from one outlet to another

Several shopping malls offer free storage options that several people never think to take advantage of, and always end up carrying several shopping bags in their hands. If you cannot find them at your shopping mall, you should ask someone at the help desk. 

Accepting the item’s price as it is

We are not saying that you should argue with the cashier over every item you purchase, but it is still worth looking for an item on your phone at other stores to check if they are offering a discount for the purchase. 

You can ask the store employee if they will perform a price match. This is something that they can provide. It is not rude to ask. You might be surprised to know that several retailers are comfortable with making the match to gain the customer’s loyalty. 

Checking out the front of the store

If you are purchasing items at the departmental stores, don’t head straight back to the front when you are done picking your items. Instead, make your way to cashier by watching the bedding or lingerie sections where you will not find that much crowd. This will allow you to explore more and find those things that you actually need. 

Shopping when you are tired

No one wants to make choices when they are not fully alert, but some retailers are also counting on such factors when you visit the store just before they are going to close, and you find an expensive item and making your decision. 

While some people use this thing as an advantage by having “flash sales” in the closing hours, leaving your tired mind with few seconds to make a decision.


Everyone loves visiting a shopping mall, whether for purchasing items or just for window shopping. In this article, you can find several things that you must never perform while shopping at the mall. So, always remember such situations to avoid any significant mistakes.