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Brian Harris

Choosing Gold Loan in the middle of the Crisis

Lockdowns imposed by the states for over 50 days have put a halt in everyone’s life in some or the another way. While some have faced salary cuts, others have lost their jobs. Thus, managing everyday expenses is a daunting task in the times of COVID19. If you are also struggling to manage your financial ...

Brian Harris

Buying Shares Requires Knowledge

The 3 Reasons Why Buying Shares Requires Knowledge

Buying shares is not like a trip to the supermarket to buy groceries. For several reasons:  Buying shares is not necessarily a user-friendly experience. Even new investing platforms use some technical terms and assume a minimum level of knowledge of their users. When you buy shares, you buy them from another investor, not the company ...

Brian Harris

Bike Insurance

10 Tips For A First-Time Bike Insurance Buyer In India

Are you planning to buy a new bike? Great! There must be thousands of things going in your mind to ensure you make the right choice. Price, color, mileage, performance and many other factors should be on your top priority list. Among your list of important factors, make sure you add bike insurance as a ...

Brian Harris

GST registration status

Fill your GST Return: Avoid Hindrances in your Business

GST returns are filed by an individual or dealer and contain all necessary information about the taxpayer’s income, details of sales and purchases, tax collected on sales, tax paid on purchases, etc. to calculate their tax liability. Individuals or entities have to provide GST compliant sales and purchase invoices to file GST returns.  As per ...

Brian Harris

Suggested Topic: Get Expert Advice for Taking Loan against Gold in India

Summary:  Gold loans can be your entryway to easy, swift, trouble-free and cost-effective loaning, provided your approach it with some forethought and prudence.  Main Text:  Indians have been hooked to gold since antiquity and the passion seems to last. The gold is an asset and often a valuable inheritance passed from one generation to the ...