Brian Harris

Why You Should Be Investing in Smart Devices for Security Purposes

Having a home security system in place in order to protect your home and your family from potential threats and crimes is one of the top priorities of every homeowner. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re a tenant or the homeowner yourself, because cameras can always be installed in your new residences, and security systems can be set up in new neighborhoods as well – the point is having a security system in place is not a problem. There should be one in place regardless. 

Some of the common kinds of security systems people resort to and always have been using are door and window sensors, indoors and outdoors motion sensors, security cameras, sirens and alarms, and yard signs or plaques for your gates. But have you ever considered buying smart home devices to add to your home’s security? 

Home Security & Smart Devices: How Do They Work?

Smart devices as we all know are more commonly preferred for home automation purposes, but what most of us don’t know is that they’re great for energy-saving purposes as well as home security reasons too. A lot of smart devices can cut back on energy wastage and in turn result in lower utility bills over time, so similarly a lot of them are great if you wish to watch over your home, especially while you’re away. 

How is that? Well, all smart devices can be accessed from our smartphones, tablets, and even some laptops – which gives you around-the-clock access to any connected device at home. And that’s reason number one for using smart devices for home security. The rest of the reasoning can be explained by the unique features each device has to prove about itself. 

Have a read. Here are 2 perfect examples of smart devices that are helpful for security purposes in your home. 

Smart devices Ideal for Home Security

1. August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Price $249.99

The August smart lock pro 4th generation is a smart lock that attaches to the deadbolt of your door. That means you can keep your original set of keys. It requires no additional bridge and instead connects directly to the Wi-Fi at your home. The device features its own mobile app, known as the August app, which lets you remotely check on your lock status, lock and unlock your door from your phone, or even with voice-enabled control if connected to a compatible voice assistant. 

What it can also do is generate virtual guest keys so you don’t have to worry about opening the door on time for expected visitors or family.

Other than having control of the device from practically wherever you are, it doesn’t just stop there. This device is packed with features that make entry into your home tamperproof. On the Activity Feed of the August app, you can keep track of the exact time people enter or exit the home. Not only that, the door lock can auto-unlock itself when it detects your arrival. The device also features Door Sense, a sensor that alerts you on your smartphone when the door is open.

2. Google Nest Doorbell

Price $179.99

Another great smart device for the security of your home, which could replace your ordinary doorbell is the Google Nest Doorbell. This is nothing like those video intercoms that you have in place, it’s much better – and for so many reasons. First off, with your video intercom, you have to be home to answer the door, from a device/screen mounted somewhere on the wall in your home. 

Secondly, the visual of the video may not just be black and white, but have a very straight and obstructed view – there are other features of a regular video intercom that are quite mediocre compared to the Nest Doorbell. 

The Nest Doorbell, on the other hand, perfect doorbell that subs as a security cam for the front of your gate or porch. The best feature about this device is that you don’t have to be home to answer the door. Now how’s that possible? Well, the Nest Doorbell essentially works with the Google Home mobile app. So yes, it means you can answer the doorbell straight from your smartphone! 

Not just that, but pull up the live video streaming to keep an eye on things in the present, as well as rewind to view history in case you missed out on something. 

The Nest Doorbell features HDR video quality, is colored, and includes night vision while supporting two-way audio. The field of view is wide – meaning you can see someone from head to toe, not just their torso if they were hovering right in front of the camera. But guess what, unlike any doorbell to exist, the Nest Doorbell can differentiate between people, objects, and animals. Pretty cool right? This helps filter out the alerts sent to your device in case of any movement in the Activity Zone

What Else Is There

Just like the two devices mentioned above, there are of course more smart devices that give you around-the-clock access to watch over your homes, or merely keep tabs on activity in real-time with alerts and notifications sent immediately to your connected smartphones and tablets. 

Head on over to and browse through their Smart Home catalog. You’ll definitely find more smart devices worth the buy.