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Brian Harris

Why The World’s Leading Celebs Are Actively Pursuing Philanthropic Ventures

Philanthropic Ventures, Sam Haskell, World’s Leading Celebs


The entertainment industry is famous for gracing red carpets at fundraising events and signing million-dollar cheques. They have also been accused of doing the same in order to avail of tax benefits. However, what many critics and skeptics fail to realize is the fact that the entertainment industry is one of the leading contributors to charitable institutions. 

In this article, we will try to answer some questions like- 

  • What drives philanthropy in the entertainment industry?
  • Which are some of the organizations, which are endorsed or represented by celebrities?
  • What are some reasons, which make celebs align with certain philanthropic interests?

We speak to one of the leading names in the entertainment industry, Mr. Sam Haskell, and ask him to shed some light upon the above-stated questions. 

What Drives Philanthropy in the Entertainment Industry?

According to leading experts, celebs engage in philanthropy as they feel that they are representative of the larger society. Some celebs pursue and skill development to motivate youngsters to give up a life of crime, drugs, and other anti-social activities. 

Celebrities feel that their larger-than-life role model image can help them create a better society. Many also point out that most successful individuals in the entertainment industry have achieved it all- money, success, fame, and recognition. 

They have reached a point in their lives where money, properties, or fancy cars do not satisfy their human needs anymore. They want to be aligned to a greater cause of giving back to society. This helps them feel complete and content with their lives. 

This is why leading names work frequently with global organizations like the United Nations or the World Health Organization and undertake charitable work in remote and underdeveloped countries. 

Which are some Charitable/Non-Profit Organizations which the Celebs Support?

In the past few years, many policies of the American government have been called out by civil society groups in the United States. For example, controversial new legislation in the area of immigration resulted in the formation of a new organization called ‘Break Bread Not Families’. 

Many leading celebrities came together to denounce the practice of separating kids from their families. Alec Baldwin, Lena Dunham, and Evan Rachel Wood are some names who spearheaded the organization. Likewise, the American Civil Liberties Union or ACLU has always been a favorite of Hollywood. 

The ACLU frequently raises its voice for protecting the civil liberties of the American people, fighting for migrants, LGBTQ sections, and for abortion rights. It has also come to play a leading role in the recent Black Lives Matter movement spreading throughout the country. John Legend and his wife, Chrissy Teagen have been active proponents of the ACLU. 

Why do Celebs Align with certain Philanthropic Measures?

According to leading experts like Sam Haskell, there are many benefits associated with ‘giving’. Scientists have found that when you engage in charitable work, your mind releases dopamine and endorphins. This helps in elevating mood levels and makes you feel happier. 

Many also point out that being part of charitable ventures gives a boost to one’s self-worth and esteem. People feel more confident by aligning themselves with a philanthropic cause. In terms of health, being part of non-profits has shown to lead to reduced stress levels, improved levels of sugar, and lower blood pressure issues. 

It is true that some celebrities also engage with philanthropy for building their personal brand. In an age of interconnectedness, everyone knows that every action is likely to garner thousands of likes, comments, and shares. Personal branding has come to be a reality in the entertainment industry. 

Whether it is Bill Gates or Warren Buffett, all these individuals want to be remembered for giving back something to society. This is what makes them donate and invest billions of their life’s earnings into philanthropy. 

The Final Word

Philanthropy in the entertainment industry is not something, which is new. We are more aware and informed about the same given the rise of social media and the internet. Many feel that celebs can and should make a difference in the lives of people and families who need real help. 

Can you list some celebs who are connected with charitable causes in the comments section below?