Men’s wedding rings

Brian Harris

What Metal is Best for Your Wedding Band and How to Work out the Finger Size?

The general thought around marriage is that it is a life-changing step for the woman. But it is exactly the same for the man. Thus, dressing in the right fashion on your wedding day as a man is highly important. 

Men’s fashion has evolved a huge deal in the past few decades, and currently, jewelry has become one of the primary aspects of it. On a wedding day, it’s the wedding ring that will pose as the star of the show. Men’s wedding rings do not get enough visibility as it is, and with a badly fashioned ring, you may add to the cause even less. 

So, here is an end to end guide on men’s wedding rings and if a woman is reading this, you’ll know exactly what will fit your man by the end of this read!

How to find ring size?

There are a number of ring measurement instruments that you can order online to check your finger size. 

  • You can also head to any jewelry store and have your finger measured for ring sizes. 
  • There are also cheap free size rings that you can purchase and get to know which size fits you the best. 
  • Another way is to buy a ring sizer that can be wrapped around your finger and measured.

Having a ring that does not fit you properly is the worst thing that can happen. So, make sure that you are getting your finger measured before buying your wedding ring. And if you find that your finger diameter falls between two different sizes always choose the bigger one.

The right metal shines the brightest

Apart from the style aspect, it is the metal that will matter the most in a man’s wedding ring. One of the most common ways that people pick is to have a common metal for both the wedding rings so that they match each other. If you are planning to do the same, then make sure that the metal you choose is not too masculine. Tungsten metal works the best for wedding rings for men. This can be attributed to the high durability and the sleek look it provides.

If you want to make a statement you can choose between white gold and palladium. Palladium rings are dark grey in color and thus are sure to stand out from any crowd. White gold is another popular metal but it requires polishing from time to time to keep its shine. However, tungsten rings have a permanent polish and never lose color. One of the biggest advantages of using tungsten rings is that you can be plated with any metal including gold, silver, rose gold, or platinum. This natural polish of tungsten will shine through the plating, lifting the look completely. 

Apart from the excellent look and feel, tungsten rings are highly durable and heat resistant. They also have a high density and provide resistance against scratching and tarnishing. If you’re looking for a man’s wedding ring, tungsten is surely the way to go as it matches all the strengths of other metals and compensates for their drawbacks as well. Another big cherry on the cake is that tungsten wedding rings for men won’t leave a hole in your pocket, which means you can go crazy in choosing the latest Tungsten Wedding rings for Men.

Style, shapes, and finishes

There are plenty of shapes for men’s wedding rings that one can choose from including the classic d-shaped and court rings. There are also flat shaped rings that look marvelous on thick fingers and flat court rings which bring the best of both worlds. Make sure you are trying on the different shapes before making a choice.

Once you have chosen the metal and the shape now it is time to choose the style. The most common style is to either have a plain ring or with minimal patterns on it. This is completely up to you and the kind of person that you are. There are also various modern alternative designs for men’s wedding rings that are gaining popularity so you may want to try them on as well.

Most of this process is up to you but we wanted to make sure that you are up to speed regarding all the aspects you need to care about. A wedding ring is one of the most important parts of the wedding celebration be it for the man or the woman. So, make sure you are choosing your ring with absolute care and diligence.

If you make your choice in the order that is prescribed here, i.e. size first, metal second, and design last; the process may be easier for you. But always, to each their own!