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What Is The Best Time To Buy A New Or Used Car?

Even the thought of getting a four-wheeler is very exciting for a lot of people. No matter if it is a brand new vehicle or a used vehicle, the excitement is nearly equal in both the cases. But, it is essential that you don’t flow down in your happy emotions because you need to take some crucial decisions while buying an automobile.

The decisions for the vehicle purchase need to be taken with a clear mind. You need to decide on the brand, model, and other specifications about a car based on your budget. It is necessary that you have a fixed budget so that you can scout for the perfect car that fits your budget. Your budget is one of the essential factors while making any purchase. 

Just like every other human being, you also will look to save some money while making the deal. But, bargaining is not an option while purchasing a car. Hence, you need to find an alternative to save money. One of the ways to save money is to make a car purchase at particular times during the year. 

In this blog, we will tell you, which is the best time for you to finalize a deal on a new or used car.

1) Weekends or Month Ends

The end of every week or a month is when a car dealer sits for his accounting and dreams of a good end to the week or month. With this motive of achieving a sales target, the dealer may display some offers and discounts on multiple vehicles.

2) December

December is the last month of the year. The dealers tend to provide the best discount and offers of the year, in this month. The reason behind the offers is the dealers motive to end the year with a good closing.

3) Wait for the release of new number plates.

Most dealers offer a discount on cars with old number plates when a new series is released. Waiting for such event gives you a good deal.

4) Wait for the launch of the new model.

If you are planning to buy a new car with a limited budget, but you have your eye on a particular model, you should wait for the launch of the next model. The rates of old model depreciate when a new model is launched.

5) Purchase a convertible during winters.

A convertible car is an ideal purchase in the summer season. Hence, the rates are also high for convertible during the summers. All you need to do is go against the wind and try to strike a deal for convertible during its off-season, i.e. winter. The prices of convertibles are lower in this season. A used convertible will have a fantastic deal during the winters.

6) Festival and Holidays

If any of these ideas do not work for you, the next option that you have is the festival season. There is always some offer or discount of new and used cars during the festival season. Many dealers think of festivals and holidays as a good earning opportunity. Hence, they announce discounts and offers on various deals. You can also look for festive deals on pre-owned Japanese cars exported direct from authentic dealers from Japan itself.  

Many people make the mistake of making pre-bookings for an automobile that is yet to hit the market. This pre-booking may cost you a few extra bucks. But, if you are patient enough for a month or two, you can get a better deal on the exact vehicle. 

So, if you are buying a new car or a pre-owned car, finalizing the deal for this car at the right time can save you some amount.

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