Skincare Routine Reviews Explains the Top Signs That You Should Change Your Skincare Routine


With time and age, you need to change your skincare routine. There are a lot of internal factors responsible for the changes in your skin like puberty, menopause, pregnancy, and the like. At the same time, there are several other external factors that also cause these changes like stress, anxiety, dietary routine, environment, etc. But fortunately, enough, our skin does give us indications of these changes, following which we may realize that it is time to change the skincare routine. In this article, Reviews explains the top signs that you should change your skincare routine.

The Signs

The top signs that indicate the need for change in your skincare routine are listed below:

1. New Acne Breakouts or Blackheads- When you are in your teenage years or in your twenties, you have a different skin type. But gradually, the older you get, the more your skin, especially facial skin, changes. And this can be noticed through increased acne and blackheads. 

Generally, the production of sebum increases with age and this causes skin cells to stick and block pores or causes skin cells to accumulate within pores leading to increased blackheads and breakouts. So, if you find this change, try to change the usual skincare treatment which may be harsh for your skin and go for a gentler routine.

2. When Sensitivity Strikes- When you rapidly shuffle your skincare routine it becomes difficult for your skin to get in shape. As a result, it loses balance. And the stressed-out skin can become dehydrated, itchy, or inflamed which eventually weakens the lipid barrier of the skin. A weak lipid barrier means your skin is losing the natural protective shield. So, try to avoid constant shuffling. Skin sensitivity is the result of it. So, try to avoid constant shuffling. Instead, choose for a treatment that can be added to your regular skincare treatment without forcing your skin to lose balance.

3. When Makeup doesn’t Last Long- If your foundation is sliding before midday, then your skincare routine is not working properly. For example, if you have oily skin, add a moisturizer that helps you control the shine and blurs imperfections of acne-prone skin along with SPF which helps to absorb oil. Again, those who have dry skin, go for a rich moisturizer that keeps your skin hydrated.

4. Increased Dryness and Flecking- Ultraviolet rays are one of the biggest threats to your skin. With growing age, our skin becomes more vulnerable to this, causing increased dryness and flecking. This is why you need to bring some changes to your routine. Try using collagen or retinol-based serums. Those who are experiencing flecking, cut off any alcohol or acid-based products. Instead, try hyaluronic acid and ceramides which can boost your weak skin’s moisture level. One of the best solutions for dehydrated skin is to opt for dermal rejuvenation treatment.


Use products that suit your skin the best to keep your skin well-nourished and well-maintained. If you have any particular skin condition, Reviews suggests that you consult your dermatologist before changing your routine or trying something new.