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Wake Up With an Amazing Pool Front View at Your Home

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Nothing can be more amazing and romantic than a sea-facing home. However, if you do not live in a city that has a sea, river, or an ocean, there are ways to accomplish your dreams of waking up at a water-facing balcony

There are builders in the KY city, the USA who care about the wishes of the customers. Well, you would be glad to know that these luxury apartments are not only constructed for those who are capable of purchasing a condo, but the relocators looking for a place for lease are offered the perks too. 

The bachelors and the family shifting to KY these days have a standard definition for the luxurious living that is Aqua on the levee. 

What Kind of a Site Can You Witness From Your Home Living in the Apartments at Aqua on the Levee? 

Aqua on the Levee has set a milestone for the quality of apartments; one can ever imagine for rent. It is a definition of perfection. If you plan to build a home full of luxuries, comfort, and convenience, it is for you. 

The best part is that there are no filters for leasing the apartment. Irrespective of whether you are a bachelor or a family, these apartments are for you. It is open for lease for all. 

As the name suggests, Aqua on the Levee converts your home dreams with waterfront in reality. Whether you are at your home, or you have rented a business center, or you are sitting in a bar or restaurant for dinner you have a pool in your front. 

It is equally visible from all the houses. Along with the best views from your home, you get to witness amazing features in your apartment. 

Some of the indifferent and innovative design ideas present in the apartments of Aqua on the Levee are described below. 

  • All the tenants are offered a special package to rent stainless steel appliances along with the fully furnished home. So, this place becomes entirely ready for move-in.
  • Along with the pool, you have the refreshing views of the Cincinnati and Ohio river
  • Every home comes with a separate dryer and washer so that the residents have the convenience of carrying out the daily chores. 
  • You do not have to spend more time cleaning the floors, on all the levels you will find a wooden plank that makes resistant to absorb the dust and ready to clean.
  • Every resident has the option to seek a package that includes internet and FiOptics TV with wall mounting options. 
  • There are separate common centers for get-togethers in communities. You can live with intimacy as well as have a good social life. You have a place to enjoy your private life and build a social life too.
  • Every home can be a definition of redefining luxury. No matter which corner of the society you visit, you will find it perfect. Every single portion of your home gives you a pleasant sensation. 
  • All the countertops are built with granite so that it gets more comfortable for you to maintain. All the tiles used in any part of your home are with gloss finish giving it a more charming appearance. 
  • If You want to party: you have the clubs and restaurants in your society. You want to spend quality time after office you have two private clubs within your building.
  • You are a fitness lover: you can workout daily in the well-equipped gyms without having to travel anywhere outside the society. In short, you have all the amenities around you that save your time, money, and offer you satisfaction.
  • You can even play pool, snooker, and other outdoor and indoor games within your society. It is designed most appropriately so that you can enjoy your hobbies too. Everyone in this hectic schedule fails to give time to their interests, but if it is around you, you cannot resist it. 
  • Not to forget about the Jacuzzi and the sundeck that offers you ultimate relaxation. Give pampering to yourself on the weekend, by spending the quality me time as you have all the amenities around. 
  • You love to watch movies; you have a community theatre too. In short, the place you lease is built, keeping in mind the likings of every individual. Even if you have some guests at your home, Aqua on the levee will never let them feel bored.

Final Words:

If you think the house on a lease can never offer you comfort, and you have to compromise, then Aqua on the levee will definitely change your mindset. You can browse the pictures of the apartment by checking the gallery on the official website, or you can witness it by scheduling a visit to the site.