watching Online movies

Brian Harris

Top 10 Best Sites like Solarmovie to Watching free online movie

watching Online movies

If you are a person who loves to watch movies online. Then you must have heard the name “Solarmovie”. It is one of the most famous websites for watching online movies and TV-series.

It provides good quality videos and has all the genres that anybody can ask for. The best part of this site is that it provides all its services for free.

Solarmovie allows you to download and watch online movies free. You can select any genre starting from action, romance, comedy, thriller, horror, documentaries, sci-fi, animation, etc.

Solarmovies maintain their library with all kinds of movies. Here you can even find movies that are of your grandparent’s time. It has a search engine that helps in movie streaming. It also links up all the famous tv serials, hence, making it a website that can be used by everyone.

This website has user-friendly inter phase and you can even download without registering.

Top sites similar to Solarmovie

Solarmovie being at the pinnacle of the online movie site, there are several sites that can be considered rivals for Solarmovie. Out of those I have picked some of the best substitute for the solarmovies.

  • YesMovies

YesMovie is as popular as Solarmovie. It has all the genres that a good movie site has. YesMovie has a user-friendly interphase that makes it easy for the users.

Its contents are divided into categories and subcategories. This makes it easy to find relevant content.

You can search for the movies in the search tab or go through the categories. Once you have achieved the desired result you can click the watch button to start the movie streaming.

  • YTS

YTS is liked by most of the audience due to its simple front board view. All the newly released movies are highlighted and the most-watched movie gets featured on the at the top of the page.

It also provides the category facility that can help you with the nature of the movie you are looking for. You can even search the movies by their release date.

YTS also integrates TV series and animated movies. If you are looking for a place where you can find every full course of visual meals, YTS is the place you need to visit.

  • Cosmotube

Cosmotube is one of the best alternatives for Solarmovies in 2020. All the movies on this site are free for everyone. The best part of this site is that it has fewer ads compare to that of other movie site of the same genre.

The theme used by Cosmotube is very clean and refreshing. This site showcase on Hollywood movies. If you are a Hollywood buff then Cosmotube is only for you. However, it is a bad choice for others.

  • Movies4u

Movies 4u is very similar to the YifyMovies in terms of website inter phase. This site also provides all the movie streaming for free. The worst part is that the ads keep you nagging in between the movies.

Well, tolerating few ads in between the movies is quite a good trade for free movie streaming.


Do you love well organize websites? If yes, Vumoo can be the best choice. Vumoo is one of its kinds providing both free content and good user experience.

Vumoo is a blend of simple design with radiant colour contrast. Not only it showcases all kinds of movies, but it also free access to the TV series.

The only drawback with Vumoo is that it does not have any categories. It is the least organized site if you compare it with other competitors.

  • Movie 4k

Movie 4k has one of the worst user interphases. It does have categories and search tab, but this website design can be confusing for first-time users. Believe me, I am also one of those who have to face the same problem.

Apart from its drawbacks, if you can get a hang of it. You can praise its pixel density features that allow you to see the movies in various video quality.

  • 123Movie

If you are talking about movies websites with an easy to use user-interphases. 123Movies stands at the top. It has the best user-friendly interphase with huge collection of movies in this inventory.

If you want you can categorize the site for country-based. This is something new that other movie site lacks.

  • Hulu

Hulu is the best online movie platform. It is very popular among the masses because of its original content. This site does not provide free content, though if you want to try it you can try its free plans that last for one month.

There is also a feature of the live sessions, and you can also record the live shows if you want to. Furthermore, they post their own content as well which you will not find on the other platforms.

  • IOMovies

Oh boy, do follow this movie site. This can be the best substitute for the solarmovies. It is a punch packed with high-quality visuals. If you are a person who loves having many options to choose from, then IOMovies is the place you should visit to satisfy your movie hunger.

It has similar features to that of SolarMovies that provide movies of all categories.

  • Go movies

GoMovies has unique interphase. Whenever you point your cursor on the list it will show all the details related to that movies. The theme colour makes this site least favourable. However, if you omit that you can see how beautifully this site has been created.

It is a free site that comes with a day and night mode, to reduce the pressure on your eyes.


It was really hard to find a substitute for Solar Movies. Site Like Solarmovies have made its name among the audiences with the free services and the diverse range of high-quality content it provides.

In this article, I have tried my best to list out the best site that are second only to Solar Movies.