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Tips to find a hookup partner

hookup partner

In the modern age, people have resigned to the idea of falling in love or being committed to one person for the rest of their lives. That’s when casual hookup comes in to picture. People are comfortable with the idea of being with someone for temporary happiness. The reason being when you are committed to someone for a long time, there are a lot of compromises that one has to do to make it work. With the rising need for freedom and the availability of vast number partners one can engage with, they try to stay away from the baggage of commitment. 

When you hook up with someone, you are opening opportunities to not just discover a whole new stranger but also learn a lot about human nature. This learning goes a long way when you want to move into a serious relationship later in life. You become conscious of yours as well as your partner’s choices. But this learning only works when you have got your base right. The base work basically consists of the principles of dating that you have set up for yourself. This also trickles to the kind of person you often chose who builds your perspective of life. For example, if you often chose a bad boy for a relationship, you must be conscious and identity this pattern to rectify the same and try to avoid the heartache. 

In this article today, we shall set out some ground rules for you to absorb and understand in order to find the right hook up partner.

Go via common friends

The best way to find a hookup partner is to know someone from your friend circle. This gives you an assured answer that this person is not fake unlike people on dating apps. You know someone who can vouch for their identity and also help you with a few tips on how to impress that person. Common friends also ease out knowing each other process as there is already a topic of commonality to converse about. 

Avoid someone fake

If you are planning to date someone obviously you shall talk to him or her before setting up a date. When you talk to them be conscious of your feelings. At any point in time, you feel that the person you are talking to is pretentious or fake, you must refrain from meeting them. The mere reason being that they might bad mouth about you or your performance in bed publicly if you don’t fulfill their wishes. Also, they might try to make the most of their opportunity of being with you and gain financial help in the name of shopping

Clear intentions

You must clear your head out before looking for a hookup partner. Your intentions shall only be yours and not forced upon to make your partner uncomfortable. If you intend to not consider a relationship or dating at all, and you are only interested in spending the night with that hot someone, tell them upfront to avoid hiccups in the future. Men must spend some time to understand the sexual fantasies of a woman

Dating apps

One of the easiest ways to find someone to hook up with are dating apps. There are so many intend oriented dating apps. These apps help you meet someone who feels the same about relationships or just a random hookup. You can talk to them for just a few hours before meeting up and get the night going. In your conversation, you can try and be as interesting as possible and match up to their expectation, be it physical or mental, and take your conversation to the next level of meeting someone in person.

With these simple tips, you shall be able to find the perfect hookup partner for you.