Brian Harris

Things to consider before renting an apartment in Qatar

One of the luxurious regions in the middle east is Qatar, where an ever-increasing population of ex-pats can be seen here. With the high employment opportunities open in Qatar, people from different parts of the world are entering the state, due to which the demand for properties is skyrocketing. There is a wide range of properties available across the neighborhoods of Qatar, providing various options of properties for rent in Qatar for people to pick. According to statistics, Qatar is one of the safest regions to live in, where the criminal records are minimal. The constant surveillance throughout the city makes the inhabitants feel protected at all times. The state of Qatar might seem appealing to the eyes and the pockets but, there are many rules framed in this region that will take time to adapt for a new inhabitant. There are various things to think of when renting or buying a property in Qatar.   


Finding a place to live in Qatar takes a long time as there are many steps involved throughout the process. Renting in Qatar is a time and wallet saving option and better in many ways than investing in buying a property. Qatar is well known for detached homes, spacious villas, studio apartments, chic flats, and more. The availability of apartments for rent in Qatar is high and easily accessible. Properties available here are classified by type, size and furnishings. According to their preference, people who prefer to style their homes can go for an unfurnished home that is affordable, while fully furnished homes have bigger price tags.


While renting for homes at rent, the principal aspect is location. Living in prominent regions like The Pearl, West Bay, Al Dafna will give more perks for the residents. People who are conscious about living in a budget-friendly place can opt for studio apartments and less expensive villas compared to other property types. With a spectacular skyscraper view across the home windows, people can enjoy their stay in Qatar at its best. Likewise, staying close to the workplace is an essential factor. There are homes available across the high-rises, or beachside villas or sustainable homes on the outskirts.


When planning to rent out a property in Qatar, people should keep in mind the primary facilities in their neighborhood or at a reachable distance. For example, moving into Qatar with family and children will require staying close to schools, markets, malls, and more. Similarly, staying close to healthcare facilities is of utmost importance for anybody to avoid the hassle during emergencies. Making sure that all amenities are nearby and finding the best place to rent is a difficult task. However, this can be done effortlessly with the help of the local estate agents, who would possess all the details of a property located in different corners of Qatar.


When renting in Qatar, being aware of all the rental norms before finalizing the property is crucial. The first step towards renting a home is to verify whether it is legally registered. Then, the foreclosures should be thoroughly read to find the hidden deals of properties. Breaking any rule that is not mentioned in the agreement will result in dire consequences in Qatar. Therefore, tenants should not cross any rules or inform the landowner in advance to avoid unnecessary problems in the future.


Commuting in Qatar is a significant aspect among the inhabitants of Qatar. The majority of the population prefer taking public transport in bustling regions like The Pearl, West Bay, Lusail City, Doha, etc. Reaching the metro stations within minutes by the walk will be of great advantage for daily commuters and office goers. While buses and taxis are available throughout the day. Taking public transport saves time and is the best option for expats when they cannot acquire a Qatari driving license.