Road Trip In Asia

Brian Harris

Some Amazing Cuisines For Your Road Trip In Asia

It’s one of the most important questions that erupt in your mind on a road trip: Where are we going to eat? A road-trip without regular doses of scrumptious meals is dreary. Tourists consider sampling the local food as one of the most enjoyable aspects of traveling. 

Don’t worry about where you will eat, we have you covered. We have developed a specialized list of the Asian cuisines(and where you will find these epicurean destinations) to guide you to the best flavors on your road trip. While some of the roads on your road trip might be well-established—loaded with popular restaurants, markets, and shops—others may have comparatively fewer restaurants. 

Check out some delicious destinations in Asia to fulfill your mouth-watering food hunt tour.


Xiaolongbao, Shanghai:

Xiaolongbao, meaning “soup bun”, first appeared around 1875, during the Ming Dynasty in Shanghai. Burning. Explosion. Flavour. Searing. Amazing. That about sums up these mouth-watering volcanoes of infinite yum. If you can stand to wait – most can’t – then give them a few minutes to cool down first, you will find them more delicious. You can find them at many places across China and other Asian countries. Shanghai is still the best.

Tip: Go for the original pork filling dish – anything else isn’t as good and delicious as this

Location: JiaJiaTangBao Restaurant, Huanghe Lu, Near Nanjing Xilu, Shanghai. 

Kebab (Lamb, Chicken, Lamb Liver, Ground Meat) Tehran

Meat kebab is one of the most-loved and widely served traditional dishes of Iran and it is served on almost every formal gathering. No other dish can take the place of traditional kebabs in Iran because kebab found here has no comparison with any other dish of this area, especially at parties and in picnics. If you’re having a lucky day, you’ll find lamb liver kebab cooked and served in the most exquisite taste.

Best Places in Tehran: Kebab House, Shemroon Kebab

Kebab (Lamb, Chicken, Lamb Liver, Ground Meat) Tehran

Çiğ Köfte, Istanbul:

The name “çiğ köfte,” literally means “raw meatball,” which is how it used to be made in past, but in modern Turkey, it’s now made with bulgur, onion, tomato paste, and spices. It’s a specialty of Southeastern Turkey, but you can find it almost anywhere in Turkish restaurants nowadays, considering it’s one of Turkey’s most favorite snacks. This is one of those dishes that you won’t love immediately, but once you find it tasty, you will definitely miss the Turkey trip. It’s great to take the hand-rolled çiğ köfte and wrap them in lettuce, tucking just a bit of mint or parsley inside and enjoy the unforgettable taste of them. It’s spicy, filling, and has an unmistakable flavor!

Location: Çiğköfteci Ali Usta

Butter Parantha, Amritsar, India

It’s widely believed that the French were the kings of bread. But in a Dhaba restaurant found on a small backstreet of Amritsar, you will find the actual lord of baking. For 40 rupees you will get the crispiest, most buttery parantha (or “paratha”) bread in India, probably in the world. 

You’ll want something to dip that bread in and Palak Paneer (Cheese and spinach curry) is one of the best curries at this place.  You may come to Amritsar on a pilgrimage to the Golden temple, the heartland of Sikhism, but you’ll return again for the parantha.

Location: Kesar da Dhaba, Amritsar, India.

Grilled pork belly, Itaewon, Seoul:

Grilled pork belly can be found in many Asian countries but it is an extremely popular Korean BBQ dish. Because cooking and eating are done at the table, it’s really social, widely desired and  great party food. It’s also pretty simple to make. When your guests eat the pork belly with garlic, green onion salad, and ssamjang in a fresh lettuce leaf, they’ll be full of taste. 

Location: It’s down a side street near directly south behind the Itaewon metro stop. You can find loads of restaurants down that street.

Grilled pork belly

Egg tarts, Hong Kong:

Egg tarts are another simple, appetizing yet perfect dish – good for breakfast or as a snack. It’s all about the pastry. Although egg tarts are popular throughout China and other parts of Asia, yet there is a difference between their taste and cooking. Most of them are made in the Portuguese style, with flaky puff pastry that is not as tasty as you find in HongKong. In HongKong, they are made with sweet, rich, and buttery shortcrust pastry. Sorry Portugal, it’s not just because the egg tarts aren’t as good in the UK either. The Hong kong interpretation of this classic is just better than anyone else found in any part of the world.

Location: Any bakery, of which there are hundreds. From metro stations to down small residential streets.

Egg tarts

Fueled by inspiring road-trip ideas, thousands of people get behind the wheel every year and let the horizon unfurl before them. You will find a great many adventures on road-trips and when you are touring on your motorcycle outfitted in a vest and wearing fine quality leather gloves, you will relish your tour a hundred times more than 4-wheelers.