Rethinking Your Diet

Brian Harris

Rethinking Your Diet After the 30s: Foods To Eat & Avoid

Thirty is practically a new twenty, only with the baggage of experience, a clear head, and without some harmful twenty-year habits. This applies not only to sleepless nights at the computer during a session or regular parties but also to junk food. You have every chance to switch to the bright side of conscious eating. By the age of thirty, you need to rethink your diet and switch to healthy eating before it’s too late. 

Foods To Eat & Avoid After the 30s

You need to give up unhealthy foods in your 30s yourself understand that your body does not need them.

White Sugar, Confectionery, Baked Goods, And White Bread

Yes, these products are tasty. But there is nothing healthy about them as these contain fast carbohydrates. At thirty, it is no longer possible to deceive yourself that any of the above can be at least somehow useful.

 If the problem of excess weight does not bother you, then it is worth considering that sugar and yeast contribute to inflammatory processes in the body, aggravate skin problems, and excess white sugar increases the rate of collagen degradation. 

In simple terms, the more sugar, the greater the risk of getting double the amount of wrinkles. Don’t forget about the hidden sugar found in many seemingly innocent foods, and always carefully read the ingredients on the packages.

 Tip: Exclude and try to switch to fruits

1. Alcohol, Caffeine, & Drugs

Many people consume alcohol, caffeine, and drugs to get a boost of energy. However, this is just a misconception. These substances do not increase your energy but cause several health problems, most common of which is health and liver diseases. It is comparatively easier to give up caffeine than alcohol and drugs. 

This is the reason there are special centers to treat those who find it difficult to give up these harmful substances on their own. Among other, heroin and cocaine are widely abused drugs across the world. But these addicts are not aware that heroin abuse and overdose can be fatal.

Tip: Consult a specialist who can guide you throughout the process of recovery. 

2. Diet Drinks And All Kinds Of Sweeteners

This point may seem to contradict the first, but we know that everyone has moments of weakness. If you suddenly really want a banal soda or factory sweets even at thirty, then be honest with yourself to the end. Do not buy a light version without sugar on fructose, stevia, or God knows what else. 

Many who choose such products believe that these benefit their body, or cause minimal harm, although the opposite is true. Sugar substitutes trick the brain with their sweet taste; make it produce insulin to lower blood sugar. But this insulin swing is a big stress for the body; you shouldn’t burden your body with it.

 Tip: Exclude all diet drinks and artificial drinks from your diet completely without regrets

3. Condiments And Ready-Made Sauces

As for ketchup, mayonnaise and other sauces from this category, which occupy a separate stand in supermarkets, are extremely harmful to health. And it seems that even grandmothers already know that salads with mayonnaise and cutlets with ketchup are harmful. 

But, many of us are still unaware of the devil that comes in little things, that is, in the seasonings. So be sure to check if there are any artificial flavors and flavor enhancers in the ready-made seasonings. At thirty, it’s time to clean and re-launch the taste buds.

 Tip: Use only natural & homemade spices for seasoning

4. Green And Yellow Fresh Vegetables

In principle, all vegetables are good if they are in season. But green and yellow vegetables are doubly useful: peppers, spinach, green beans, and all other types of greens. The antioxidants they contain will preserve the health of your cells. 

How to train yourself to eat vegetables every day? Just add them to breakfast smoothies along with fruits, and these bunch of greens will never disappear in the fridge again. At twenty, you cannot eat vegetables, but at thirty – you really have to.

 Tip: Include in as many fresh vegetable varieties as possible

5. Fish, Avocado, And Nuts

Once and for all, by excluding simple carbohydrates from the diet, we stop making the skin worse. But how to help it become better not at the expense of fabulously expensive creams and procedures, but nutrition? You need foods that are as high as possible in healthy fatty acids. They are responsible for the protective barrier of the skin, its hydration, and nutrition from the inside. 

Incorporate plenty of unrefined oils in your diet on an ongoing basis. Do not forget about quality fish, nuts (only without salt and not fried), and avocados two to three times a week. But try not to often eat sea fish, which easily accumulate mercury, other metals, and industrial chemicals in their organs. 

 Tip: Follow the rule of moderation and do not over-eat them.

6. Pasta

Gluten intolerance is far from a myth, and not just a fashion picked up by marketers. Children with highly permeable intestines react most vividly to gluten after a bowl of pasta. It can become simply uncontrollable and with the complete exclusion of wheat from the diet.  

Be honest with yourself, and you shouldn’t give up pasta just following the gluten-free fashion, but it’s also extremely presumptuous to continue to lean on them, no matter what.

 Tip: Only exclude pasta if there is real gluten intolerance.

Take Away

When you cross your thirties, it’s time to make the right decisions, and the first one is to change your unhealthy diet. The above article clearly mentions which food items you can continue to eat and which ones you should drop immediately. Eat healthily and live a healthy life.