Brian Harris

Reasons You Should Stay Updated with Cricket

Indeed, there are so many sports that people do love to play, watch and read about. Which is one sport that you like the most? Well, if you speak of Cricket, it is one sport that most of the Indian love boundlessly. They keep themselves updated through the ipl news and updates so that they don’t simply miss even an inch of this game. Indeed, the game has earned a place in the hearts of fans like nothing else could.

Cricket is one game played with bat and ball. Cricket gets played between two teams of Eleven players on every single side on a field at the Stadium. The Cricket gets played many types of formats, twenty (20), even Fifty Overs 50, one Day, and of course Test Series game goes on for 5 Days, But the most popular and well-loved are in World Cup. One Day game is most popular in the realm of cricket because each team getting 300 balls to chase the overall score runs. Moreover, IPL is one match type that most of the people do like the most. Of course, this is one post that is not going to tell you about how the game of cricket is played,  but it is about reasons to know about this sport as much as you can. 

The undeniable popularity of cricket 

Cricket is a very popular and loved sport in India and in other regions of the world too. It is mainly popular with children who love to play this game in the form of street or backyard cricket with their friends. Of course, you can even find old people discussing cricket matches, the IPL performances of the players, and much more. 

IN India, the discussions often start with a cricket match and end on a cricket match. Yes, it is the charm and glory of this sport in the hearts of people.  Of course, if you read the news related to this sport, you would find yourself informed about what is happening. This way, you can be sure that you become a part of conversations and talks. You can be more enthusiastic about the sport that is being loved at a large scale only when you know what exactly is happening on the ground.

So, the point is since the game of cricket is so popular,  you should not leave yourself behind in knowing things happening in this game. This way, you can be sure that whenever people around you are talking about some match or simply praising the per performance of a batsman or condemning a catch; you know what exactly that is. You would be in a better place to discuss with them and talk about what is right and what isn’t.  Moreover, when you have something to add up to the discussion, you sound interesting and good. What is the point if your colleagues or friends or family members are talking about the cricket match they watched last evening and you have no clue about what is happening? Such a thing would make you feel corner for sure and they would have a low opinion about you too. 

It is one sport for all age groups 

Indeed, parents or guardians don’t have to worry about their children playing against much older or even better players in the realm of cricket. This is because the younger children can definitely be part of the kids’ team and play against other children’s teams. Of course, kids can learn a lot of things by knowing about what is happening in the cricket world. The point is kids would not just play the game of cricket by staying informed about this sport through the news but also learn for life. 

Now, there are so many amazing cricketers who have proved themselves time and again. By reading about them and listening to their heroic performances; kids can be better in their life. They can learn to be determined, and never give up. Kids can know how players have made strategies to do well and be better at the game. This way, kids don’t just have fun when they watch or read the game of cricket but they also learn abundantly. Even if older people are watching the game of cricket or reading about the cricket innings of last month; they would enjoy it. They would find it relatable contrary to many other sports that are quite new to many people, at least in India. 

Moreover, not to miss that the sport of cricket is a great sport for children to simply learn as they get older too because it imparts in them or teaches them an array of valuable life skills like teamwork, leadership, respect and discipline. Children who play cricket are also going to learn about having fun while following social rules and even learning how to win or even lose with grace.

Cricket is not just about playing 

In case you are not thinking about starting to play this game of cricket then there are other ways to have fun with this sport. The game of cricket has something for everybody because it gives people the chance to choose their favorite things about this game such as betting or following a particular player. Many folks enjoy watching cricket because they simply feel like they are there at the stadium cheering simply on their favourite team.

Moreover, you cannot deny the fact that the news related to cricket gives you a reason to smile. You get to know about eh amazing performances of players and also learn to impart their traits in your life. Certainly, if you like to do betting on cricket then you can stay informed about all the matches and what may happen in the times to come to ensure that you are well-informed and bet better. For example, the ipl recent news would let you know what exactly happened and who did what to ensure your bet accordingly in your upcoming bets.


To sum up, having all these things in mind, you would definitely want to stay informed about cricket. Whether playing this game, watching it, or talking about it; knowing this game inside out helps you become a better person!