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Plan a Perfect Birthday Party for Your Kid

We all know the craze we had for birthday parties when we were kids. Getting ready for school in a new and special dress, filling a box full of chocolates, distributing it in the class, waiting to get to our crush to receive birthday wishes, and then ending the day with a delectable birthday theme cake with friends and family after an amazing birthday party at home! Rang any bells? The birthdays of kids pretty much revolve around this. If you are looking to plan a perfect birthday party for your kid, then we have listed down the tips to plan it perfectly so that your kid remembers the birthday party for the years to come.

Select an Amazing Venue

To click some of the best photographs of your kid and his/her friends, you need to choose a venue that has the most decorative background and an amazing aura with happy and funny vibes all around. You can either decorate your garden or backyard or terrace according to the weather outside or you can book a restaurant nearby to mark the special celebrations.

Send Invitations Along with Candies and Chocolates

You can design the invitation cards easily at home. Along with the toffees, tell your kid to invite his/her friends in the school by giving them the invitation card. Make sure that you mention all the details like venue, time, dress code, etc. on the invitation card. Choose a funny dress code to get the best photographs.

Order a Delectable Kids Birthday Cake

Obviously this is the must to make your party a hit. Order a delicious cake matching your kid’s preferences. You can order different cakes like PUBG cakes, cartoon cakes, superhero cakes, number cakes, etc. To surprise your kid right at midnight, you can also avail midnight cake delivery in Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, or in any other city.

Prepare the Food Menu

Bored of the traditional samosas, rasgullas, chips, biscuits, pakodas, noodles, etc? Well, give a little thought while choosing the food menu. Cakes and soft cold drinks are already decided. For the main food menu, you can go for italian like pizzas, burgers, french fries or you can go for something Indian like delicious Indian dishes of your state.

Incorporate Funny Games

The party will be more exciting and funny with some amazing games that will have rewards for the winner. Kids love to compete in games and accordingly you should choose the small funny games that can be arranged easily such as musical chairs, balloon bursts, egg and spoon race, pass the parcel, relay race, treasure hunt, and so on.

So, that’s how you plan the perfect birthday party for your kid. Make him/her the happiest with your amazing party planning. Let them create some delightful memories to cherish forever. Also, don’t forget to add the best photographs to the birthday album so that they will remember the party moments once they grow up.


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