Nabil Fakih – How The UFC Have Won So Many Fans During Lockdown

There have been winners and losers from this year in terms of business and entertainment and whilst there were some businesses that we’re perfectly positioned to do well during the situation we have found ourselves in, some have had to take the lemons they were given and make lemonade. One such company that has done exactly this is the UFC which took swift action to get things back up and running again and in the process have won a lot of new fans. I spoke to sports expert Nabil Fakih on how the UFC has used this situation to gain more fans. 

Only Ones In The Room 

The UFC got their act together very quickly and performed mass testing on everyone involved in their events. What won the company so many fans however were the fact that they were putting on live events when nobody else was. This forced sports fans to watch and from there they began to watch more and more and realize how much they enjoyed it. When there is absolutely no sporting action on and you find that a single live event is taking place, you can bet your bottom dollar that everyone will be locking in to see what is going on. 


 Dana White was very quick to recognize that things were unlikely to change at all in the coming months and so he fiercely doubled down on his plans. White saw very quickly that things were working so instead of a weekly or bi-weekly event, he decided to instead have 2 events each and every week. All this did of course was give birth to the massive popularity of the sport and allow more and more people to tune in. 

Fight Island

A testament to just how good this company is at doing business came by the way of Fight Island. This was a deal which the UFC did with its partners in the relatively safe Abu Dhabi, to use a private island to host fighters and insulate them from the rest of the world, so that they would be clean and clear to fight, which would also take place on the island. This enabled the company to get more international fighters to the ring, which may not have been allowed in the US. 


Finally, the UFC used all of its marketing potentials to bring these fights to as many new and existing consumers as it possibly could and this leads to even more people looking to enjoy a UFC fight. Many who had previously never considered watching such an event decided to give it a try and quickly realized just how much fun the sport was. 

The UFC has continued to evolve and they are have absolutely lead the way to get sporting events back on the television. Dana White has even been supporting other leagues in their efforts to get back up and running, such was the success of what the UFC has done.