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Lowlights and Highlights Difference and which one is trending in 2020

The hair color market is driving everybody crazy by introducing stylish and innovative coloring now and then.  In reality, the names of those colors don’t provide the slightest clue about what it would prove to be, baby lights, ombre, balayage, highlights, lowlights, somber, etc.  Instead, you generally get even more perplexed.  Hair highlights Fredericton points out the difference between lowlights and highlights.  

How highlights and lowlights are Different?

Lowlights and highlights would be the simplest methods of hair coloring.  Both are spot or partial hair coloring method that covers only a couple of sections of hair.  But, it’s a misconception of many individuals who think highlights and lowlights are alike.  Well, both are far different from one another in several ways.

Difference in Effect

Although both the lowlights and highlights function to create dimension to the hair, highlights are all performed with the intention to make more movement while providing a sun-kissed effect.  The primary purpose of adding highlights to your hair is to liven up the general appearance of your hair color.  It also gives softness and dimension into the base hair color.  

On the contrary, lowlights work amazingly if you would like to add thickness and volume to your hair.  They work well at making your hair look thicker and much more voluminous. Typically lowlights are chosen by the people who have had highlights to overly lighted hair follicles.  

Hair Damage

Now, this may shake you a little, the same as a dampener on your hair coloring fantasies.  Highlighting might lead to a bit of damage to your hair since it entails bleaching of hair as an essential step in this process.  Lowlights, on the other hand, is a straightforward procedure which involves depositing the color on the hair to dye the desirable color.  Hair highlights near me can provide you the experts near to your location if you want to consult before or after the treatment.  

Best Time

The timing of sporting lowlights or highlights depends mostly on the season where you’re getting it done. Usually, the highlights seem better during the summertime due to the sun-kissed effect, while lowlights seem better with winter fashions due to the darker tones.

Base Color Shade

Although there’s no hard and fast rule, highlights generally proceed well with dark hair, like colors of brown and black.  Normally, the highlights shade is selected depending upon your complexion as well as the natural base color of your hair.  But, it’s advised not to go over three shades lighter irrespective of the base of your hair color.  For example, in a case of jet black hair, the suggested highlights are any color of dark brown while brunettes may pick out of copper or caramel colors.  Blonde hair goes nicely with the highlights of a lighter shade of the identical tone.  Going lighter than three shades can make you in danger of appearing like a skunk.

Lowlights, as the name implies, are entirely different from the highlights.  This method involves picking up some thin or thick hair sections and coloring them in a couple of shades darker than the base color.  Lowlights, however, show a more prominent effect on lighter hair tones like shades blond and light brown.  Now the difference between lowlights and highlights  

Now, you already know that the difference between the lowlights and highlights, and you can choose the best one according to your desire.  


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