Brian Harris

Jewellery Trends to Opt this Festive Season

Festivals call for putting your best look forward. It is the time when we dig through our wardrobe to find rich ensembles and accessories for achieving a perfect glamorous look. Thus, when it comes to festivities we Indians don’t leave any stone unturned. From head to toe, everything needs to be rich and splashy. With festivities around, let’s have a look at trendy jewelry pieces you need to put your money on this season.

#1. Ear Cuffs

No festive look can be ever complete without a stunning piece of earring. All fashion divas and fashionistas next door have resorted to ear cuffs. These quirky earrings draw attention and instantly elevate your outfit. The ear cuffs can be simple as well as intricately designed to coordinate your different outfits. Wear subtly designed ear cuffs with the heavy outfit and intricately designed ones with plain outfits. Moreover, opting for these earrings designs in gold will take your glamour quotient a level higher. 

#2. Studded Armbands or Bracelets

Armbands and bracelets have always been known to enhance the sensuousness of your wrists. These embark strong presence with their slender designs. Considering their, unique designs and patterns these are the most important pieces to add to your festive assortment. For bracelets and armbands, you have endless options, from colorful stone embellishments to traditional enameled pieces. There is a variety of attention-grabbing designs.

#3. Nose Pins: 

Nose pins are perfect to achieve a festive ready look. These ooze elegance and bring out your glamour quotient. Also, these are much in trend for their unique statement. They help you put a bold look without getting over boarded. Once a staple piece in royal rajwadas, nose pins have made a strong comeback as statement jewelry. From minimalist to splashy, there is a nose pin to applaud your all looks.

#4. Polki and Meenakari Work Necklaces

Meanwhile, another important piece of festive jewelry you need to own is a necklace. And when it comes to necklaces for festivities Polki and Meenakari tend to grab everyone’s attention. These elaborate necklace designs come with beautiful color shades and look great with all kinds of festive outfits. These days Polki and meenakari designs are the talks of the town. To rock this festive season, go for a brightly colored chunky neckpiece. 

#5. Cocktail Rings

Cocktail rings are basically statement rings that are embellished with large stones. Bring grace to your festive look by adorning your finger with a beautiful cocktail ring. Bold, big, and shiny, the cocktail ring is sure to get you compliments. Whether you wear a saree, suit, or lehenga, this ring is enough to get you noticed in the crowd.

Final Words

Add these jewelry pieces to your festive collection to rock your look. These pieces add to your grace and glamour. They are just right to help you strike a perfect balance between beauty and sparkle. So, when heading for festival shopping, make sure to include them in your list.