Replace an iPhone

Brian Harris

Is it Cheaper to Repair or Replace an iPhone?

When you buy an iPhone, you are not only investing in a gadget. When you use your phone hundreds of times each day for many activities such as catching up with friends, surfing the internet, listening to music, and watching favorite TV shows, it becomes more than just an expensive device.

For many individuals, their iPhone is one of life’s essentials, with the added significance of being regarded as a status or fashion symbol.

This makes it more unfortunate that, like any smartphone, iPhones are susceptible to knocks, mistakes, and malfunctions. The more you use it, of course, the more likely issues will occur.

There’s nothing worse than losing your expensive item and having to retrieve it only to discover a large ugly fracture across the screen. Similarly, there’s nothing more maddening than when software goes haywire or fails altogether, and no number of restarts will fix the problem.

The choice, in the end, is whether it’s more cost-effective to get your iPhone fixed instead of throwing it away.

Warranty matters

When their iPhone breaks or stops working, the first thing that comes to mind is whether it’s covered by warranty. This essentially refers to the phone’s age – Apple offers a manufacturer’s warranty of one year for new phones.

Even if your new iPhone is still under warranty, there are a variety of exceptions, including battery failure, accidental cosmetic damage, and water damage. Issues caused by modifications to the phone (such as network cracking) or non-Apple authorized repairs to fall under this category. If any of these circumstances apply, you must pay for repair through an Apple-authorized agent or by mailing the device back to Apple.

There is the choice of buying an AppleCare+ plan to extend coverage by one year. The cost of AppleCare+ protection varies depending on the model of iPhone you have. the cost of two years’ insurance for an iPhone SE begins at £89, while that for an iPhone X goes up to £199. There is a charge of £25 for screen replacement and £79 for all other repairs, in addition to a surcharge of £25 for software assistance. It also includes software assistance.)

The only other option for getting your iPhone fixed (or replaced) for free is to look into statutory consumer rights legislation. This requires you to show that the software or hardware has a fault, which eliminates all forms of accidental damage. This coverage lasts a total of six years from the date of purchase.

The cost of repair

As most common iPhone physical problems are caused by mishaps or battery failure, it’s reasonable to expect that you’ll have to pay for repairs. The nature of the fault, the model you own, how old it is, and its current value will all influence whether you should get your phone fixed or replaced.

The general rule of thumb is that if repairs would be more than the phone is worth – and therefore what you might replace it for – you should purchase a new one. We mean second hand when we say ‘new’. A brand-new iPhone has an additional warranty, so whether you want to upgrade your older model to something fresh or not, you’ll almost certainly spend more than whatever the repair costs may be.

Apple offers a one-time battery replacement for all models beginning with the iPhone SE for £25, regardless of age or condition. Anything before those costs £79. So, if your iPhone’s battery goes down for the first time, it’s probably a good idea to take advantage of the offer and get it fixed. Then you’ll have to pay ‘other damage’ repair charges, which we’ll go through below.

Official Apple charges for screen replacements range from £136.44 for iPhone 5, SE, and 6 to £286.44 for iPhone X, depending on the model. This is where age and generation come into play. For example, you may locate several high-quality refurbished iPhone 6 handsets for less than the £136.44 screen repair fee. As the model gets older, this becomes increasingly unlikely, with an iPhone 8 or X is by far the most affordable choice when it comes to replacing the display

The story is different from other repairs. The typical Apple repair price for an iPhone 5 or SE is £255.44, which is substantially more than the used market cost. For an iPhone 7 Plus, it’s £356.44, for an iPhone 8 Plus its £406.44, and for an iPhone X it’s £556.44. If you do your homework, you should be able to locate all of these devices second-hand for less than those costs from both private sellers and dealerships

In conclusion, any sort of unintentional damage to an iPhone will result in repair fees. Even if you have an AppleCare+ care package and use the official Apple channels, you’ll be charged at least £25 for a shattered screen on an iPhone SE – only tiny savings over the £136.44 it costs to replace it out of warranty.

For a first-time battery replacement or to replace a cracked screen on a prior model (iPhone 8 and above), Apple’s repair services are worth the investment. However, if you want anything else done to your iPhone, you may save money by buying a used phone instead.

The used phone market in Europe is expected to grow at a rapid rate, and it will continue to do so as customers become more aware of the benefits and cost savings of pre-owned phones. For further information, Why not contact IMFixed today and get a quote?