stay fit

Brian Harris

How to stay fit in quarantine

Do not focus solely on training. Review your habits. Especially if you worked in the office before isolation.

  • Use a fit ball instead of a chair during operation. This not only trains micro muscles due to unstable support but is also more beneficial for blood circulation. Find a high surface to sometimes work while standing.
  • Be sure to take breaks at work. A dozen push-ups or squats will help you feel more energetic and reboot. A few such breaks and you will have typed about a hundred repetitions. 
  • General cleaning, cluttering up the balcony, moving furniture, repairs – the ideas of additional activity in the house are endless.
  • Go to the store or throw out the trash with a quick step or run. Get yourself a big backpack, buy food for several days at once, and use the stairs instead of the elevator. If you go light, jump over a step or two.
  • Play with the dog on the street (if your entire porch does not walk with it and the dog has strength). Bending over the ball and catching up is what you need.
  • Play with the kids at home. Become a roller coaster for them, a plane, a horse. Everyone has fun, but it’s also useful for you.
  • Dance. It’s as if nobody is looking at you.

How to defeat laziness

Psychologists believe that laziness is not a bad habit, but an indicator of the psychological state. Laziness often hides a lack of interest, a lack of resources, or unrealistic goals. You can train your willpower by gritting your teeth, or you can hear a signal and adjust your expectations and implementation.

1. Set the right goal.

Lose weight by 20 kilograms per month – the goal is not just unrealistic, but dangerous to health. Get rid of unnecessary stress and negotiate lower rates with yourself. Replace the ideal goal with one that at least minimally satisfies you. No one bothers to set the bar a little higher over time.

2. Think of ways to measure the result.

Many fitness trainers recommend giving up daily weighing. This reflects little reality. But measuring body volume once a week can provide additional motivation. Do not focus on fictional standards, just try on old jeans that you associate with your own. buy winstrol pills 50 mg

3. Engage in the kind of activity that ignites you.

Do not suffer from boring or too difficult practices for you, even if all around you recognize them as the most effective.

4. Plan your classes 

It seems that if you sit at home, there will always be time for training, but more important things may appear day after day. Highlight a special time. Also, be sure to plan a vacation during the day and a weekend without training.

5. Wear a uniform.

All working on a remote site have already been advised to change their pajamas to switch their mood to work, and the effect of “wearing sneakers” will help to get off the ground in training.

6. Get a companion.

This can be a family member or a girlfriend via video calling. And it’s not necessary to work together, sometimes it’s enough to discuss who got lost today. Next to you will be an example of a living person (and not a combed picture from the Internet), who, like you, can skip training, be lazy and, horrified, turn purple in the face during exertion.

7. Praise yourself for achievements and do not scold for fakapy

If you missed a day, two, or even a week, do not be discouraged, do not give up, and do not start from the beginning, but just continue. Just check again for strength and interest.