Bulk Toilet Paper

If you are interested in doing what’s best for your household, you need to always be an intelligent shopper. Even little things add up, so learning how to buy toilet paper in bulk can stretch your money and keep your bathrooms stocked. 

So how can you buy in bulk without it becoming pricey?

When you’re shopping for bulk toilet paper, the tips below will help you get what you need and save money at the same time. 

Shop for Bulk Toilet Paper When It’s Not in High Demand

The market is sometimes at the whim of ebbs and flows with supply and demand. For instance, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, toilet tissue was one of the most sought after items on the planet. 

Stores all over had extreme toilet paper shortages, and this made it difficult for people to purchase in bulk. Even stores that did have plenty of inventory began putting limits on how many packs customers can buy. 

If you don’t want to deal with low supply, make sure that you stock up throughout the year rather than waiting for everyone to make a toilet paper run. The last thing you would want is to be running low during a time when demand spikes. 

Aside from the pandemic, hurricanes and brewing snowstorms are also times where people clear toilet paper aisles in stores all over. 

Start Couponing as a Hobby

You will also have some deals you can jump on when you begin couponing. People who get serious about couponing keep binders full of them so that they can slice their grocery bills exponentially. 

Whenever coupons hit the market, paper towels and toilet paper often have plenty available. This alone can help you to save loads of money whenever you’re buying tissue in bulk. 

Make Use of Store Rewards Points

It’s also important to do business with stores that are shopper-friendly. There are plenty of stores that routinely have specials and also allow you to double your coupons. 

Stores that have shopper-friendly rewards points programs should also get your priority. This way, you essentially get something in exchange every time you decide to do business with them. 

Many rewards customers also get exclusive deals sent to their e-mail addresses and mobile phones. 

Jump on Every Sale and Discount You Find

It’s also up to you to state up to date whenever stores have sales on toilet paper. This way, you’ll be able to stock up without having to pay anywhere close to full price. 

Keep in mind that several stores sell toilet paper and hold these specials, so don’t only key in on grocery stores. 

Look for specials from drug stores, hardware stores, electronics stores, and dollar stores that also sell toilet paper. Take the time to shop for one of these specials even if you don’t have a need for toilet paper at the moment. 

This way, your home will always be stocked and able to make it through shortages. 

Try Out Different Brands

Whenever you’re looking to purchase bulk toilet paper, you should start figuring out which brands you prefer. Do your research so that you understand the best toilet paper brands on the market. 

Some of the excellent brands you can try out include Charmin, Scott, Cottonelle, Quilted Northern, Great Value, and Angel Soft. When you try out these brands you can also start shopping around for brand-specific coupons and specials that you can take advantage of. 

Keep in mind that these deals often have relationships with companies that sell other products. For instance, toilet paper giant Charmin falls under the Procter and Gamble banner.

As such, the same company that owns Charmin also owns Bounce dryer sheets, Tide laundry detergent, Bounty paper towels, and Gillette shaving products. When these other products are having sales, specials, and coupons, chances are great you can also find discounted toilet paper in bulk. 

Put Cash Back Rewards to Use

When you shop with many stores, they will begin giving out cashback rewards. You can use these rewards so that you don’t end up paying as much on your toilet paper purchases. 

You may also be able to apply for credit cards that give cash back points and bonuses. This way, you can leverage this cashback to shave some of the price off your toilet paper.

Place Some Online Orders

Several sites have toilet paper online in stock that you can shop around for whenever you’d like to buy in bulk. If you would like to get more bang for your buck, it’s important to look into online outlets that can help you out. 

The internet has evened the playing field in a way that puts more power into the hands of the shopper. When you are looking into capitalizing on these specials, you can also subscribe to their e-mail list to always get a heads-up whenever they have bulk toilet paper sales. 

Buy Bulk Toilet Paper for Your Home

So there you have it. These tips will help you purchase bulk toilet paper without having to break the bank. Doing this will allow you to make better use of your budget while keeping your household stocked with what it needs. 

Best of all, you can use these same principles when you are looking to purchase bulk items of all varieties and types. 

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