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How To Repair Your Washing Machine?

Broken Washer Symptoms, Repair Washing Machine

In case your washing machine is broken and you are not sure about what exactly has gone wrong in it, this post is just for you. Here, you will get to know about some of the most common broken washer symptoms. 

This will help you to determine whether you should opt for the washer repair services or not. Not only that, but you can also even determine the specific reasons why your washer would not agitate clothes or drain.

Some Of The Most Common Broken Washer Symptoms

Will Not Start

If your washer does not start, then, in that case, you need to find out the best ways to fix this specific problem. In this regard, you need to check a few key components like timers, door latch switches, thermal fuses as well as electronic controls. 

Shakes and Moves

Sometimes, you can see problems related to shakes and moves in the washing machine. To resolve this specific issue, it is very important to inspect shock absorbers, leveling legs as well as tub dampening straps. 


Sometimes, you will see that noise come out of the washer. The noisy washer can be due to the noise emitted from the rattle of a pump motor. Also, it can cause the squealing of a belt or worn tub bearings. 

Loses Its Ability To Agitate

It is important to diagnose why your washer is unable to agitate. In this aspect, you need to inspect specific components such as the coupler, agitator cogs, transmission, and the drive belt. 

Burning Smell

If you see that burning smell is coming from your washer, then, it becomes integral to troubleshoot the most common problems. For this, you should specifically learn about the particular part that can cause the odor from the motor pulleys to the drive belts. 

However, if you are facing any sort of difficulty, all that you need is to hire the best washer repair service, provider. They will inspect the problem and solve it the early as possible.


There can be a leak in the washer. If you are also experiencing such problems, then, it is very important to diagnose the specific reason for your leaking washer. There are specifically many of the reasons for this such as a failed water inlet valve, a worn pump as well as door seals. 

Timer Will Fail To Advance

You need to determine why the timer of your washer fails to advance. This can be specifically done by troubleshooting of certain parts such as the timer motor. A lid switch, drain pump as well as water level control.

Pumps but Fails To Spin

If you see that your washing machine pumps but fails to spin, then, it is important to identify the specific problem. This could be specifically done by testing of the wax motor, the door lock as well as direct driver motor coupling. 

Will Not Fill With Water

By effectively learning about the specific ways to test a water inlet valve, lid switch, and an inlet hose, you can determine the reasons why your washer is unable to fill with water. 

Door Or Lid Will Not Open

You need to check for the broken parts such as the lid hinge or pin, in case your washer possesses a lid or a door that does not open properly. If you are unable to rectify the particular problem, then, you should seek expert help. 

No Cold Or Hot Water

If you see that your washing machine would not fill with cold or hot water, then, you should look for the best ways to resolve this particular issue. This is again possible by troubleshooting some of the most common problem parts such as an inlet hose or temperature control switch. 

Fills And Drains At The Similar Time

If your washer is both filling as well as draining at a similar time, then, you should seek specific ways to resolve that particular issue. This is generally possible by inspecting some of the most common parts that tend to cause issues such as the pressure switches as well as the water level.


These are some of the major issues experienced in a washing machine. Again, you should call a washer repair service provider if you are facing such problems and you are not able to resolve it yourself.