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How to rent an apartment in Dubai

When you’re new in Dubai or planning on moving to Dubai, then it helps if you know about the rental process here. Compared to other countries, you will find that Dubai is relatively straightforward and easy for ex-pats. Before you look for apartments for rent in Dubai, there are some essential aspects you need to consider.
A step by step approach in discovering your perfect home in Dubai is a great plan. You can follow this guide and learn how to find your rental apartment in Dubai effortlessly.  

What’s your budget?

The rents in Dubai depend on three factors. Firstly, the community or its prime location. There are freehold properties you can rent out or other properties that are in prime areas within the city. The cost of renting an apartment in central locations are relatively high compared to the less- prime areas. Secondly, you have to consider the size of the apartment. Generally, apartments in Dubai can be delightfully spacious. You’ll find huge homes and luxurious residences with fantastic amenities. And the rental price can vary vastly. And thirdly, is it a brand new apartment? Or perhaps an older one? This means you can still find a spacious dated apartment, although not very prime in location, at a reasonable price. So it would help if you always worked from your budget to your particular requirements when you choose an apartment. 

Do an online search 

There are a number of online property listings that can help you with your rental apartment search. Add your requirements and budget to get a variety of properties you can shortlist for a viewing. 

Get in touch with real estate broker

Some of you would be happier getting in touch with reputed real estate brokers. They can help you with every information that’s needed when you finalise a rental property.   

These are some of the most necessary information you will need before you view the rental apartment: 

  • What’s the yearly rent of the apartment?
  • Where is it located?
  • The number of bedrooms and full/ half baths?
  • Is it close to the essential amenities?
  • Is it furnished or unfurnished?

Your real estate broker can give you answers to all these questions above. It’s always an excellent idea to contact the local Allsopp & Allsopp real estate brokers in Dubai to assist you with finding your next home.

The next step in an apartment hunt

After you shortlist your most favourite apartments, the next step is to get deeper into the individual unit and the interior detailing of the property. 

 These are the essential aspects that can further help you decide on the right apartment.

  • Does the apartment enjoy enough natural light?
  • What about the views?
  • Is the apartment spacious enough?
  • Does it have the right lamps and fixtures?
  • Has it been repainted and plumbing done?
  • Does it have the right electrical spots installed?
  • Do you get a designated parking space?
  • What are the security features of the apartment tower? 
  • Does it have security cameras and fire alarms?
  • And are there amenities like a swimming pool and gym in the building?

As a tenant, you can request your landlord or the maintenance company that represents the landlord to resolve any issue with maintenance before signing the rental agreement or include a clause in the contract to that effect.

Sign the agreement

If you ticked all these vital points during your apartment search, then you can plan on finalising the apartment that matches all your needs. The final step to getting your apartment is to confirm your interest in the property to the landlord or the property management company. They will prepare a contract and invite you to preview and sign it. Make sure you check all the clause before you sign the agreement. It would be best if you remembered that your passport and valid visa copy are mandatory when you rent a home in Dubai.

Set up the DEWA and EJARI 

While renting in Dubai, you will have to set up the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority ( DEWA) registration in your name. You can get it done at a reasonable fee and a refundable security deposit. The DEWA bills are your address proof for almost every official or banking purpose. 

After you connect to DEWA, the next step is to register with Ejari by submitting your DEWA connection receipt.

For this, you’ll need to submit the following documents:

  • Original tenancy agreement
  • Original DEWA connection receipt in your name
  • Copies of your passport with a stamped visa and the landlord’s passport

Move into your apartment

Now that you have signed the contract, set up your DEWA and registered with EJARI, you can move into your beautiful apartment on a convenient date.

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