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How to relax during a breakup

Sometimes we need to take a step back from the daily grind and relax. These breaks are necessary to function normally as things can become too much without us realizing it. Now, this break could be a little vacation from work or some time away from your partner. There are a lot of love and dating tips that talk about how you should handle this away time from your partner. But for now, we focus on common things that can make you feel instantly better.

Cleaning – Try to make use of this time to do things that you wanted to previously, but never had the time. We always to deep clean certain areas and arts of the house but deep cleaning requires time and effort. Not only does it allow you to pass time but it can be therapeutic as well. You may think that this can’t be relaxing as its actually doing chores. However, it prevents negative thoughts by keeping you busy. But if you still of it as work, do check out the last few points in our list.


Having greenery and plants around you can definitely make you feel relaxed. You don’t necessarily need green thumbs to indulge in gardening at home. The internet can come to your rescue. Or you could just start with weeding and getting your garden in shape for excellence. Then start small with tiny potted plants that you can nurture and grow. When they have grown a bit then you could move them into larger spaces in the garden. Start small and who knows you may like. You could even go for plants that give back like fruit trees or a vegetable garden. There is something very different about eating your own home-grown vegetables. 

Journaling – Writing is the best therapeutic action you can undertake. Penning down your current thoughts, past thoughts and feelings can help purge sadness and negativity. Vocalizing your feelings is a great way to release all the negative energy and thoughts. You could even get creative and write stories or poems as when they come to you. There isn’t chore involved here. Just pure relaxation with jotting down your thoughts.

Spa time

Who doesn’t love a spa day or spa vacation? This is one of the most relaxing things you do for yourself. If you can visit a spa then go for those relaxing massages, sauna treatments along with manicure and pedicure. This isn’t just something for a woman. A man can also use these services. If you don’t want to go to a spa, then fill up a bucket with hot water, add shampoo and dip your feet in it. Scrub away after a while and see squeaky clean feet. Another option is to pamper your face or body with scrubs and packs for the smooth silky feel.

Read and play

These two activities can help you recharge and reconnect with yourself. Read good books and stories that inspire you and motivate you. Sometimes we need that to do the right things and get energized. Take time out to play as well. It can be anything you like – a boardgame or a full-blown field game. If you like chess scrabble or monopoly go for them. These games are played in groups and it will help you socialize with others. You could also play any other game you like be it basketball or badminton or tennis. These are great stress busters and can help you relax well. 


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