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How to increase website traffic with Instagram

So you have finally developed your company or personal website, and now you’re wondering how website traffic can be created. With the growth of so many social media sites, it’s easier today than ever to promote and advertise your goods or services. 

Instagram is an easy and fun way to share your life through a series of photos with friends. Just click a photo with your mobile phone, pick a filter for the image to be transformed, then publish it on your Instagram page. Instagram has been designed to allow you to experience moments in the lives of your friends through photos as they happen.

Instagram has around 90 million active users uploading 40 million images a day. This translates into the likelihood of 90 million users a month visiting your website.

How to get free Instagram followers

You will take the time to fill in a complete profile with a photo of yourself when you sign up for Instagram. Don’t forget to add URL to profile because this is how the website traffic you’ve been looking for will be generated. I don’t know about you, but it’s hard to find high-ranking places like this, and more difficult to get a connection from. Getting Free Instagram Followers is not a tough job until you are aware of a well-recognized platform like the Instagix website. They provide a 100%  guarantee for their provided followers.

Instagram to Web Traffic

So you might say that’s cool, but what do I do with that account once I sign up. Well, that’s simple, you’re just starting to share pictures of your daily life which you think is interesting. You don’t even need to have advanced photo editing skills to use this tool. It has filters set for you so all you have to do when you finish taking your picture is pick which one looks best and you’re finished.

You’ll have a profile full of interesting photos with a link to your website in no time. Trust me; if you grab their attention, people will follow your link to your website.

Instagram Added Profits

Another advantage of using Instagram is its shared functionality. You can choose to post your photo on other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr once you’ve taken your photo and added your filter. You can even send the photo to us as an email. So you not only populate your own Instagram profile but also populate your other social media profiles, which is equivalent to even more traffic on the website. If you are worried That any other platform like Instagram can provide you real traffic then MangaStream is a very good option for you. MangaStream is famous Japanese comics that has won million hearts.

If you don’t just post your own photos on Instagram, get interested in and follow the stories of others. This amounts to even more website traffic from Instagram as your new followers can click on the link to search your website. It’s fun, besides, and you’ll be amazed at the imaginative pictures you’ll find and the connections you can make.

Instagram currently accounts for 23 percent of my website traffic. That’s a big chunk of visitors to my web just posting the photos of my life as they happen.

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