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How to choose a brick machine to start your construction business?

If you want to start building your own house, or you want to start a factory that produces bricks, first you need to buy a good brick machine. Choosing a good brick machine is a very difficult thing.

Do you know what kind of brick machine is suitable for you? How do you choose the right brick machine manufacturer? I will start with these two questions and offer you the following suggestions.

What kind of brick machine is right for you?

First of all, you need to know how the brick machine is classified? There are various brick machines on the market now, and it is difficult for you to directly determine what brick machine you need to buy.

Divided from the raw materials of the bricksconcrete brick making machine and clay brick making machine.

Concrete brick making machine is mainly used to produce concrete bricks, including concrete hollow bricks, concrete solid bricks, concrete pavement bricks, and interlocking bricks.

The main raw materials of concrete bricks are sand, cement, stones, aggregates, stone powder, fly ash, etc.

You can choose the above materials to be mixed in a certain proportion, mixed by a concrete mixer, and then conveyed to the brick machine silo through a conveyor belt, and bricks are formed by a mold.

If you need to produce concrete bricks, the first thing you need to make sure is to buy a concrete brick machine.

Concrete block making machines can be divided into manual concrete brick machines, semi-automatic concrete brick machines, fully automatic concrete brick machines, and mobile concrete brick machines.

Semi-Automatic Concrete Brick Machines

If you just want to build your own house, or just want to open a small brick factory, or you are new to the brick manufacturing industry, you can choose a semi-automatic brick making machine. The daily output of bricks is 1000pcs-3000pcs.

The advantages of semi-automatic brick machine: simple operation, convenient maintenance, low investment, and cost recovery quickly.

Disadvantages of the semi-automatic brick machine: the efficiency is not as high as that of the automatic brick machine, and the labor cost is high.

Models of semi-automatic brick machines for sale in the market: LMT4-40, LMT4-35, LMT4-26.

Automatic Concrete Brick Machine

If you are an experienced brick machine manufacturing practitioner, and you have been in this industry for many years, you need to expand your brick manufacturing scale and expand your own building material production line. You can choose a fully automatic brick making machine. The daily output of bricks can reach: 10000pcs-50000pcs

The advantages of the automatic brick machine: PLC automatic control system, the efficiency is very high, the output of bricks is large, and the labor is saved.

Disadvantages of automatic brick machine: high equipment purchase cost.

Models of automatic concrete block machine for sale: QT4-25C, QT4-15, QT5-15, QT6-15, QT8-15, QT10-15.

Mobile Brick Making Machine

The mobile brick making machine is suitable for small and medium-sized brick factories. The bricks are mainly formed on the flat ground and do not need pallets. But a larger production site is required.

If your production site is large enough, you can choose a mobile brick making machine. You can greatly save the cost of the pallet.

And the mobile brick making machine is mainly used to produce concrete hollow bricks. The main sizes are: 4’, 5’, 6’, 8’ hollow blocks.

Models of mobile concrete block machine for sale: QMJ2-40, QMJ4-45, QCM4-30, QMJ4-30, QMY6-25, QMY10-25, QMY12-15. 

Note: All brick making machines can produce bricks of various sizes. A block mold corresponds to one size block.

Choose a Good Brick Machine Manufacturer

It is difficult to choose a good supplier. There are too many brick machine manufacturers, and the brick machines produced are similar in model and function. It is difficult for you to distinguish which one is the most suitable brick machine manufacturer for you?

But you can confirm the following points:

The scale of the brick machine factory

Before visiting the brick machine manufacturer, you can judge the basic information of their company through their official website.

In which year was established, generally the longer the establishment, the stronger the manufacturer. Actual pictures, videos, certificates, etc. of the factory. You can roughly judge the strength of brick machine manufacturers.

You have to delete those manufacturers that do not have scale and strength. Under normal circumstances, although they attract you in terms of price, their services will give you a headache. If you buy a machine from a small factory, it will be difficult for you to get a good after-sales service because their company is too small, and no one will help you handle after-sales matters.

Visit The Brick Machine Factory Directly

The most direct identification of whether it is a powerful manufacturer is that you directly visit and inspect their factory.

You can directly see the quality of the steel, whether it meets the national standards, the quality of the motor, and whether the processing technology and welding are of high standards.

You can also intuitively see the factory’s production capacity, the level of sales and technical personnel.

Is There a Brick Machine Sold To Your Local?

If you can find the machines sold by this factory in your local area, you can directly check the quality of the brick machine and whether the work is stable and efficient.

If you can see the factory’s machines in the local area, you can save the steps of visiting, which greatly saves time and energy.

Sales And Technical Staff Experience

A professional and high-level salesperson can quickly help you choose the brick machine you want.

They can quickly determine your needs based on years of experience and recommend the most suitable machine for you.

You communicate with someone who has years of professional sales ability, which can greatly improve your efficiency and avoid detours. And can choose the most suitable brick machine.


It is very important to choose a suitable brick-making machine to start your construction business. The above information can help you quickly understand how to choose a brick-making machine and what you need to pay attention to.

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