breakup gracefully

How to breakup gracefully with your partner?

Breakups are really hard. It is difficult to end a relationship, which was a very important part of your life. However, if you are not feeling the spark in the relationship, then breaking up is the best thing to do. The reason can be anything but, make sure to carry out a breakup gracefully.

Breakups can be subjective and thus, some advice might not seem relevant. The best thing to do is to just go with your instinct. However, make sure to do it with respect and kindness.

Always do it in person

Technology is great but, breaking up with someone over a phone call or text is horrible. If you respect the person and your relationship, then make sure to do it in person. Your partner might be heartbroken or might get angry, but that is the best thing to do. Just to avoid the drama, do not hide. Your partner will understand your situation in retrospect and will respect you for not doing it over a text. 

At the same time, avoid doing it in public. A lot of people cannot express their true feelings in public. You partner might want to tell you something or cry or break something. They should have the liberty to do that. One among the two partners are surely getting into a new relationship after a breakup, so you must respect the other individual.

Reduce the drama

You might be breaking up with your partner because you are not happy with their behaviour or actions. However, refrain from telling them mean things. Just opt for a respected way to go about. You talking in a disrespectful way might spur up things which will lead to unnecessary spats and fights. It is a good idea to go about the complete breakup process peacefully. 

You might want to keep your calm even if your partner gets agitated or irritated. Just take the situation in your hand and act like a mature adult.

Do not make the other person feel nice

You might want to comfort your partner after the breakup but, you will have to be practical here. Once your relationship is over, your partner’s feelings are not your responsibility. At the same time, you helping to cope them up can backfire on you only. You might also resent helping them after a breakup. 

Also, do not have sex with your partner after you break up. It can happen that he/she is crying and telling you that he/she will miss you. Such weak moments can lead you to sex, and you can literally patch up in an hour. If you have decided to move on, then be firm on your decision. 

Stay away

Once the breakup is done, stay away from your partner. Cut all the mediums to communicate and make sure that you do not cross paths with each other. A lot of people decide to be friends and force contact with each other. This can cause a lot of emotional stress on either of the partner. It is a good idea to have complete break from each other for some time.

A lot of studies suggest that people, who limit contact with each other, recover faster from a breakup. It is a good idea to leave that territory because, if you continue seeing each other, it can get complicated. You might start relapsing and ending in a messy zone where you might just be in a physical relationship. 

Be friends after a while

You can be friends with your ex only if you are over the idea of dating them. This is because some people have a goal of being friends with their ex. However, you need to understand that you cannot force anything. Let it happen organically. Also, if you have called off the relationship, then it is easy for you to stay friends. Thus, consider the feelings of your partner and act accordingly.