Brian Harris

How Rosaluna Is Changing The Liquor World


In a world where people are becoming more health-conscious about what they eat and what they drink, more and more companies are trying to remarket themselves to be more health-conscious or considerate of allergies. But when it comes to the liquor industry, it gets harder. Or so it was thought to be until Rosaluna came along and changed the shape of how liquor can be milled, fermented, or distilled. It also changed how the industry should view and embrace natural. Because that is what Rosaluna did…embraced the natural. 

Rosaluna is an all-natural liquor that is:

  • Gluten-free
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan
  • Zero Carb
  • Plant-based
  • Carbon Neutral

And here is how Rosaluna, itself, is changing the liquor world: it has only TWO ingredients (water and agave). I know you are reading this thinking, how is this a liquor with only two ingredients? Well, it is possible, and it has been done! And I know you are wondering how, right? There are so many things that factor into a great liquor, but when love is the first ingredient, all else is easy. 


From the rolling hills of Santiago, Matatlán, also known as the heartland of the mezcal in Oaxaca, Mexico, Rosaluna was born.  It was birthed from the love for the spirit of agave and embedded in the fundamental conviction that mezcal should be treated differently and not like a traditional tequila. Clearly, it cannot be compared to a conventional liquor like tequila since the love that is put into creating it starts with farming agave for eight years before it is roasted, milled, fermented, and distilled. 

How it brings change to the world of liquor

Rosaluna is an organic mezcal introduced in the middle of a pandemic to give people a natural liquor experience that promotes better health. It honestly gives happy hour a brand new meaning. And with the presence of a steady quarantine, 2020 has provided many people the ability to find ways to connect with people on more intimate occasions (social distancing), making the opportunity to try more things at home (like new drinks).

Here are some other reasons to differentiate from others:

  1. Family first. This tasteful, smoky spirit was developed on a sixth-generation family farm in Santiago, Matatlán, and bottles consist of the natural ingredients of orange, agave, and a touch of smoke. In reality, the brother and sister duo is rising, fermenting the farm, and distilling the agave used to perfect the drink after family members have been perfecting it for six years. Of course, they figured it out and have found beverage types that would complement it.
  1. The great thing about Rosaluna, which separates it from other liquors, is that it is free of chemicals, colors, and artificial spices that give flavor to some liquors; Rosaluna is an all-natural, smoky mezcal made of espadín agave. The vibrant and naturally flavored liquor aims to produce a complex layer of citrus notes, tropical fruits, and smooth vegan quality with no rough or unnatural undertones.
  1. The last fascinating difference about Rosaluna is that it started as a shared love of the mezcal that grew into a passion that is deliberately genuine and respects the cultural roots, essence, and magic with a contemporary twist. It makes the brand much more personal.

Change is a hard concept when it comes to liquors (after all, most brands don’t think of quality over selling massive quantities. That is what shaped the Rosaluna brand. It started as a mutual love of spirit, and it became a passion for and love to share with others. This is why Rosaluna awakens your senses.