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Gorgeous Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas for Small Weddings

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Host your wedding right in your backyard without missing out on the feeling of extravagance with these cute and creative backyard wedding decor ideas for your small and intimate wedding. 

So if you’re planning a small wedding with just your near and dear ones, a backyard wedding would be so adorable. But in case you’re worried about how to make your backyard wedding-ready, the Shaadiwish fairies have got you covered. You can obviously DIY them for small weddings and trust us, it will help you create beautiful memories for your D-day.

H2 – Find some amazing and cute backyard wedding decor ideas right here for your sweet and small wedding this season – 

1. Minimalist Yet Aesthetic Mandap Decor

Take notes from this spectacular bohemian themed backyard wedding which had an oh so charming mandap decor. Isn’t this one just amazing?

Look out for more mandap decor ideas for your wedding.

2. Drapes And Dreamcatchers For A Dreamy Decor

Dreamcatchers and drapes are like the staples of any backyard wedding decor. These elements add a dreamy feel to the whole atmosphere which seems pretty apt for a wedding. 

3. Cute Seating Arrangements

The majority of your backyard space would be used up for seating arrangements so you might as well use it as a decorative element. Ditch the monotony and put some cute and colorful seating couches for your guests. Aren’t these absolutely pretty?

4. Scintillating Backdrop Decor Ideas

Use your beautiful backyard trees and greenery to your advantage and adorn them with gorgeous golden fairy lights, they will definitely elevate the appeal of your backyard dramatically. 

You can even incorporate these in your small photo booth corners and we are sure your guests would go gaga for this whole celestial look. 

5. We Heart Canopy Sheds

There’s something so cozy and warm yet summery about canopy sheds and that if we could we would use it any event and any occasion. With a few lantern lights here and there, you shall be all set for a gorgeous evening party as well. 

6. Incorporate A Swing

You can use your backyard very well to your advantage and use decorative elements that enhance the natural beauty of the whole surrounding. Like a cute couple swing  attached to a big tree  with beautiful fragrant flowers wrapped around it would look absolutely ethereal in a backyard setting.  

This setting almost looks like the  garden of Eden. 

7. LED Signages For An Uberly Trendy Twist

Neon LED signages of your wedding hashtag or a cool humorous quote around your backyard wedding venue will amplify the overall look dramatically. Not only will these quirky signages add a hint of quirk to your wedding but also make the decor a little more personalized and unique.

8. Make Space For A Perky Couple Seating

You and your beloved are the couple of the evening and even if it’s an intimate backyard wedding, you can still have your couple seating look like the center stage by experimenting with it as a decoration piece that not only looks special but also matches the special heavenly vibe of your backyard. 

We call dibs for this one right here, so cute and the pampas look so innovative!

9. A Little Hint Of Vintage Wouldn’t Hurt Anybody

We can’t stress enough how literally everyone is going bonkers for any thing vintage, be it in terms of fashion, home decor, or even wedding decor for that matter. Add some vintage elements to your setting like a vintage table centerpiece or vintage lanterns around the space and just sit back to admire the sheer beauty these small but not so simple elements can bring with them. 

We are sucker for these precious pieces.

10. Use A Ladder Shelf Like A Decor Piece

A ladder shelf like this one right here would look perfect in a backyard setting. The rustic vibe of the piece helps it blend in natural spaces like a backyard very easily and we feel they can make up for a vibrant corner of decor at your wedding. It is  boho chic on it’s own and if you add some lanterns and candles it’s hard to keep your eyes off of it. It can also be used as a fun photo booth corner.

So without wasting any time now, bookmark your favorite backyard wedding decor ideas as these are surely going to be a hit. Whether minimalistic or OTT, these wedding decor ideas are a treat to our eyes and everyone will surely be drooling over it. 

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