Flaunting Your Shape

Brian Harris

Flaunting Your Shape: How to Pick the Perfect Dress Silhouette for Your Body

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Do you have an important event coming up? Are you wondering about the best silhouettes for your body type?

Believe it or not, there’s an art to choosing the right dress silhouette for your figure. And choosing the perfect one is the difference between feeling drab or feeling confident on your big day or evening out. The ideal frock is worth a splurge because it will keep you looking fit and fabulous when you need to impress.

Here’s what you need to know about types of dress silhouettes.

1. A Classic A-Line

A timeless A-line dress is fitted at the waist and gradually widens toward the hem.

The beauty of an A-line shape is that it minimizes and slims your bottom half. It can smooth out your tummy, hips, and thighs. It can also draw attention to a lovely bust line.

A-line dresses flatter many body types. They look great if you have an hourglass shape. This means you’re curvey on top and through the hips, but you have a smaller waist.

A-lines also works great on those with pear shapes. These figures have the widest part of the body at the hips. Pair your A-line with a structured jacket to highlight the smallest part of your waist.

A-lines work great in casual styles like sundresses or tweed shifts. You can, however, wear them for semi-formal events as well. Consider a sheath with a lace overlay in summer or a lovely velvet A-line in the colder months.

2. The Shift

A shift dress is somewhat rectangular in its shape. It’s comfortable and easy to wear. Shift dresses are excellent office styles because they aren’t as fitted.

Shift dresses work great for more athletic body types. If your body type is athletic, these work perfectly. 

Shift styles are also excellent choices for those with a straight or boxy shape. You can wear a looser fit without looking like you’re swimming in your dress.

Besides your typical office tweed or linen, you can also find great evening shift styles. Look for a great beaded mesh or embellished sheath for style without the uncomfortable cinch. Look out for them when searching for homecoming dresses 2020.

3. The Trapeze

Trapeze shapes aren’t fitted at all. They’re narrow at the shoulders and very wide at the hem. When you lay a trapeze dress down flat, it actually looks like a triangle.

Trapeze styles are excellent for those who have athletic shapes and want to give the illusion of more curves. They work great in the summer because of their light, airy feel. 

4. Wrap Dresses 

Classic wrap dresses feature a wrap-around tie waist as their name suggests. They also boast a V-neckline and A-line skirt.

Wrap dresses work best for those with apple figures. These bods have a slimmer lower body and tend to carry weight around the waistline. A wrap dress can create a natural waist while playing up your bust.

Wrap dresses work great in jersey fabrics during the warmer months. In the winter, you can try wearing it with an oversized sweater. Knee-length wrap dresses make for easy transitioning from day tonight. Simply add an embellished purse, more formal heels, and a sheer overlay instead of your jacket or sweater.

5. Empire Waist

Empire waist styles have fitted bodices that end just below the bust. They create a high-waisted look with a gathered skirt that skims the body but remains long and loose.

If you have a curvy or apple figure, an empire waistline can be quite flattering. They’ll play up your waist and minimize anything you want to hide.  

If you’re on the petite side, an empire waist can lengthen your figure and help define your shape.

6. Drop Waist

Drop waist dresses are designed to cut your body below the hips, rather than at your natural waist. It can make your torso look longer and your body appears leaner.

Drop waist styles look best when they don’t hang freely on your body.

Today’s drop-waist dresses have come a long way since the flapper styles of the 1920s! Linen styles in the summer are so comfortable, and you can even try more textured drop-waist styles with long jewelry in the spring and fall.

7. Bell Silhouette 

A bell silhouette is fitted around the bodice and flares out on its way to the dress’s hem. 

Bell dresses are quite popular for formal events such as weddings. They look great on most body shapes, but especially on those with hourglass figures.

Try a longer bell dress with a ribbon around the waist for a great look for evening events or parties.

8. Pencil

Pencil styles have a straight, narrow cut. It’s currently popular to wear them in knee-length belted styles for the office and with a ribbon or bow for evenings.

Pencil dresses look great on hourglass shapes because they accentuate a well-proportioned figure. It can work with a pear shape but needs to be offset with a slight taper. 

Pencil styles look beautiful in materials like cotton or wool blends, which hug your figure but don’t add bulk. Avoid wearing them in heavier fabrics like wool because they can make your hips or thighs appear heavier.

A Fine Silhouette

There’s no one perfect silhouette for every shape. As you experiment with different dress styles, make sure you chose one that complements your best features and keeps everything in proportion. A perfectly fitting dress can give you confidence for years to come.

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