Brian Harris

Fashion Apps You Should Always Have On Your Phone

Fashion Apps

Getting your look down to a teaching day, every day without fail is a hard feat to accomplish. It’s your style, personality, and the extra effort and thought you put in that makes it all possible. It may be clothes to others, but for people that swear by fashion, it is much, much more. 

Fashion is an art and people often use it to assert their individuality and creativity. It is a reflection of who they are and how they perceive themselves as so, you know it’s a big deal. If you too are one of these people who understand the intricacies of it all, then this is an article you must read. We have compiled a list of apps that will help you become a fashionista. 


Shopping is fun, but more often than not we end up buying things that we don’t need and don’t complement the rest of the wardrobe. With ShopStyle however, you won’t run into these problems. 

The app not only helps you shop but also helps you plan your purchases. It checks the virtual racks of all the stores you like to see if they hold the item you want. You don’t have to jump from website to website, this one platform can handle it all. 

In addition to this, it gives you access to the new arrivals as well as tells you about the best deals on designer wear. Or if you like an item but would rather get it on sale then you can set alerts on the app to let you know when the item goes on sale. Nifty, right?

As you scroll through your Instagram feed and see influencers dressed in their best, you’re sure to fall in love with the looks they create, impatient to try them out on yourself. Finding all the items they’re sporting though, that can be quite tricky. You might see a pair of heels you like but the picture alone may not tell you where you can find. Lucky for you, this app can. Just let it know what you’re looking for and it’ll be able to find it for you. 

Style Book

The next one on our list is Style Book. Once you’re done splurging on shopping and got everything set in the closet, it is time you create new outfits and integrate the items you’ve purchased. For this Style Book comes in really handy. It helps you build your perfect wardrobe and track what you’ve worn each month with its calendar. In addition to this, it is also great for making packing list for trips and the features don’t stop there. You also get a size tracker.

What’s more, the app offers question and answers section with style experts so you know you’re getting good advice. 

PS Department

Making your purchases during sales is a great way to go if you have a limited budget. However, the effort required is just too much for some of us. You must keep track of which sale starts when which can be stressful, not to forget time consuming. With PS Department on your phone though, you can put your worries to rest.

This app gives you access to all the early pre-sales and pre order. Feel like royalty? Well if you aren’t already, you will soon. This app provides you with on demand shopping service using in-house stylists and global sourcing. If you’re wondering what your favorite celebrity is wearing and where you can get it, or where you can find the Louis Vuitton bag that is out of stock then you simply need to ask PS Department’s style experts. They’ll be able to help with all things fashion. 


Stitch Fix

If you like looking stylish but simply don’t have the time for it you might be in need of a personal stylist. With Stitch Fix, you get that and more. All you need to do is let the app know your preferences by filling out a style profile and then request a Stitch Fix box. You’ll get outfit options handpicked by your personal stylist. Isn’t that great? 

If you don’t like any item then that’s not an issue. You can simply send them back free of charge. And the best part, the more you use the app, the more your stylist learns about you and more the looks designed become representative of you.


Spectrum TV App

If you’re interested in fashion, then you surely watch fashion shows and the shows that feature the trendsetters. Keeping up with the Kardashians is sure to be just as loved as Miss USA, or the New York Fashion Week, and if that’s the case then you need an app that helps you stream it all with ease. Spectrum Silver TV app is your perfect companion. The best part about it though is that you can access it freely if you’re subscribed to any of its cable packages. It can’t get better than this!

There you go, with these apps on your phone you can’t go wrong. So, go ahead and reach your fashion potential.