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During the pandemic, Disney World and other related theme parks were in a weird spot. With the lockdowns easing up, though, you can expect many people to start going to these theme parks once again. This means there’s a great increase in the booked accommodations and number of people in the parks.

If you want to get ahead and ensure your accommodation, getting a DVC membership is a great way to do so. Getting a membership something a lot of people are doing right now, and the benefits are the main reason why they get them.

As you get one, you’ll discover things that you’d wish known beforehand. Check out these things you’ve wished you’ve known to discover some pleasant surprises about your DVC membership.

You Can Buy Off of Previous DVC Members

Most people get their DVC memberships in Disney World, right after they pay for a ticket. The attendant will always ask if people going in are registered members and if they’re not, whether they’d like to sign up for one.

What most people don’t know is that they can buy a membership off of previous members. There are tons of people who are looking to sell their memberships to people who can use it better. This is often because they don’t get to use their memberships as often as they want.

Getting a membership this way is cheaper, but it takes much longer. When buying a membership from Disney World, you only need to wait up to 2 weeks before you become a registered member.

If you’re buying off of a previous owner, though, you need to wait for the transfer of ownership to complete. It can take a while to find a lawyer to overlook the process and it will take even longer for your ownership to take effect. 

You Can Rent Points

DVC works by allowing a member to purchase a timeshare for accommodation in a resort. Once they book the accommodation, no one else can book it until they’re finished with their claim. This can be disheartening if you find out that someone already booked your desired accommodation.

What’s great is that you can rent points from the person who’s booked the room! DVC rental is a simple process that allows you to use the points of whoever booked the room. All you need to do is contact the owner beforehand to negotiate.

Disney Vacation Club rental is also possible through a point rental company. They often offer much cheaper rates compared to renting from an owner.

Resorts Cost More During Different Seasons

Once you have a membership, the first thing you’d want to do book a room for a vacation. What most people don’t know is that booking a room can vary depending on when you want to visit the resort.

The point cost when it comes to booking a room will depend on a few factors. Among which is the number of people expected to visit the resort in the same season. If the resort expects to have a large amount of foot traffic, you can expect to pay more for your booking.

If you’re also looking to go during a holiday, you can expect point costs to increase threefold. This is all because the resorts know that they’re going to be in demand. Increasing the costs per day and night is a simple way for them to make the most of the season.

Annual Dues Exist

You should also know that there’s an annual fee that gets deducted from your membership card. This is always based on the number of points you have in your account. This is to pay for the maintenance of the resorts that the DVC system covers.

This makes it important for you to use your points before the end of the year. It’s also a good idea to pay for only as many points as you need. The more points you have leftover, the more you’ll have to pay by the year’s end.

You Can Use Your Points on Different Resorts

What most people don’t know is that they can use their DVC points on different resorts. New members think that they can only use it on the resort that they got the membership from. There are tons of resorts that incorporate the DVC system.

This gives you tons of choices for vacation destinations to choose from. All you need to know is that the cost per point will differ for each destination. You’ll also need more points to book a room in one of the more popular resorts.

Advanced Booking Recommended

It’s important to book in advance if you want to ensure that you have a smooth booking session. You can use your points to make reservations up to 11 months prior to your vacation time. This will only apply to your home resort, though.

You choose a home resort after you register for membership. This is the resort where you have real estate interest. This is always represented by vacation points.

In accommodations that aren’t in your home resort, you can only book up to 7 months in advance. Keep this in mind if you have a specific timeframe where you want to book a vacation.

Tons of Unique Perks For Convenience

Most people don’t know that getting a membership also gives them tons of perks around the theme parks. Most of these help with your convenience like free parking in the VIP section. This means that you need not go through the stress of finding a parking spot anymore.

You also have access to pathways that are only accessible to employees on the regular. These are the tunnels that mascots use to get around the park. This is important since social distancing is still encouraged in Disney World.

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