Manager in the Corporate World

Brian Harris

Easy steps to become a Manager in the Corporate World

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Becoming a manager in the corporate world is a hugely rewarding career, you will be in a position of power and be able to motivate those around you to achieve great things. You will have a high level of responsibility and this will feel good for those who like to make important decisions and be in charge. Of course, becoming a manager in the corporate world is rewarding in the way of money, the salaries are always higher in managerial positions. The way to get there is experience and qualifications, this will be explained further in the following steps. 

1. Management Qualifications

Becoming a manager is not as easy as turning up at an interview and telling them you like to tell people what to do. There is a lot more to it than that, especially in the corporate world. Ideally employers will look for those who have a level 6 or level 7 qualification in a business-related subject. An example would be a Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership. This is a particularly great qualification to achieve due to its inclusion of strategy. This can help a business grow and progress to new levels. The leadership element is also vitally important to be able to lead a large team and keep everyone motivated and on track. This course also gives you the opportunity to obtain membership with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). This step is ‘easy’ because you can complete the course part-time and online in your free time. Courses like this will not require you to dedicate 3 years of full-time study at university to become a manager. 

2. Experience 

Of course, experience working in corporate business is advantageous as you will be experienced in how businesses operate effectively and would have had experience being managed yourself. It may also be the case that you work in a different industry and wish to transfer to corporate business. Employers will consider those who have relevant experience elsewhere, focusing on the management skills that are desired. For example, you may have worked within construction and are a site manager from the competition of many years in the industry and have completed a site manager course. In this scenario, you would have many of the attributes that a corporate business would want. You know how to allocate work, assess performance, and control costs. Management experience does not have to come from a specific course, it does not need to be a Level 7 qualification in management. 

3. Sell Yourself at Interview 

Of course, becoming a corporate manager is not just management qualifications and experience, you need to be the right sort of person to become a manager. In interview, employers will be looking for those who are ambitious, confident and have a wealth of interpersonal skills. If you are shy and timid meaning that you would not be able to be the voice of the business, you will not progress far, even with the relevant qualifications. Companies want people who are outgoing and not afraid to pull on peoples weaknesses to make the company excel, this means you cannot be a person who is ‘too nice’ all of the time, after all, business requires somewhat of a straight up attitude. 


In short, becoming a manager in the corporate world does not require one specific route. All these steps can help you progress into this position. It takes time and dedication with some qualifications, whilst also requiring the right personality traits.