Brian Harris

Best Mindfulness Activities for Teens and Kids

mindfulness activities

Mindfulness is the best recipe to improve how we live in different ways. In our daily lives, we think, seek, and want. But then, we forget about our happiness in our daily lives. Since children are in their tender age and they experience a lot of things, mindfulness activities can help the kids in the following aspects:

  • Improve social skills when taught earlier
  • Overcome bullying effects
  • Improve concentration and focus
  • Improve mental wellbeing and health.

As a parent or guardian, you should give mindfulness activities to children depending on their age. For example, you can use food, pictures, music, and simple movement’s ideas to preschoolers. Such activities will improve their focus and maintain attention throughout. Above all, kids adapt to such activities that improve their body development. 

The Mindful Activities and Exercise for kids

Use the following activities recommended by experts to improve the wellbeing of the children at a tender age. Many people mind about the flexibility and strength of their bodies. Thus, when you introduce to young children, it becomes effective. 

  • Mindful Posing

Body poses is one way to get kids into mindfulness activities. You can use tell the kids that different body poses enable them to stay happy, gain strength, and be brave always. The next step is to plan for the exercise. So, take the kids in a friendly environment where they feel calm. Then, direct them to practice the following poses. 

The wonder woman: Here, the kids pose while standing tall and the legs wide that the hip-width apart. They should put the hands on the hips.

The Superman: The superman pose involves standing with the feet wider than the hips while the arms are stretched towards the sky. The whole body should be stretched as tall as possible.

After the kids strike the poses, ask them how they feel. You will be amazed.

  • The Mindful Jar

The purpose of mindful jar exercise is to teach the kids the impact of strong emotions and how to find peace when overwhelmed with such emotions. 

You need to get a clean jar such as Mason jar then fills with water. It should be at least ¾ full. Then, add one tablespoon of dry glitter and glitter glue. Close the lid and shake the contents until the glitter swirl. 

Then, create your lesson out of the script:

The glitter represents your thoughts like when you are upset or stressed.

When they whirl, it becomes hard to see clearly. The lesson implies that it is easy to make bad decisions when upset because you can’t think clearly. The exercise helps everyone to learn how emotions can distract their thoughts and how to overcome emotions.

  • Safari

Another mindfulness game for kids is safari. The activity involves everyday walk as an adventure. 

Notify the kids that you will be going on a safari to learn animals, birds, creepy-crawlies, among other amazing creatures. The children will focus on anything that crawls, swims, or flies. The same applies to adults. They get excited when they experience a new environment. 


Kids and even adults deserve mindfulness activities to help them stay focused in life. As for kids, when taught such activities at a tender age, they tend to understand and master the art quite fast. Use the above activities and help your kids learn more.