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Ayden Hector – Simple Tips to Burn Calories During Lockdown

During this quarantine, one of the most difficult things has been to replace the calories which we would usually have burned in our daily lives outside. Many of us haven’t recognized the fact that we can comfortably burn 500-1000 calories each and every day simply by living our lives, and all of that has stopped since the lockdown kicked in. 

Many in the fitness world including PT Ayden Hector have been highly vocal about the need for people to be working harder at home to ensure that they continue to burn a similar number of calories despite the quarantine. In reality, this is much easier to do than many believe and no matter what your setup is, here is how you can manage to burn some extra calories. 


There are some easy calories that you can burn at home such as by cooking and cleaning, getting up and down the stairs more often, and also playing with kids and the dogs. These are simple tricks that will burn a few additional calories and help you to replace what you have lost. 


Video streaming site YouTube is absolutely packed with workout videos and videos which teach you how to perform a number of exercises. You can look at low impact stuff such as pilates or yoga, and you can also take a look into more intense training such as boxercise and HIIT. These workouts are guided to make it easy for you and many of which come in a number of levels for beginners, intermediate and advanced. There is little excuse to not work out when you have so much choice and a range of instructors who can help you to burn those calories. 

Ramp Up Your Walks

Given that we are allowed to go out once a day to go for a walk and get some fresh air, this is the perfect time to look at burning some serious calories. In order to do so, you simply have to up the pace of your walking speed. Look to try and really ground the pavement and power walk for the 30 minutes or however much time you have. In doing this you can burn double the calories that you would have done if you were just walking at your normal pace. 


Simple bodyweight exercises are also a great way in which you can ramp up how many calories you have burned, and you don’t need any equipment to do so. You can do press-ups, sit-ups, burpees, jumping jacks, and a huge range of exercises in the home. Start off by looking to perform at least 60 squats per day, do it in 10s, and do it 6 times throughout the day. Small acts like this are what will help you to ensure that you continue to run those calories throughout the day. 

Work smart and you will be able to replace those calories which you are no longer burning. 

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