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Brian Harris

Advantages of having DDoS Protection For Your Website

DDoS Protection, DDoS Protection For Your Website

If you are a fresh website owner or you are just starting your business, you are definitely in need of a website with DDoS protection. The most essential aspect of a successful business and website is its security. A website can have a lot of threat of data loss if it is not DDoS protected. 

What is a DDoS Attack?

 Know this that whenever you see a DDoS (Distributed Denial Of Service) attack, it can strike the whole website down in no time as soon as it starts to spam the server with invalid requests. It can affect the data center quite worse, this could seriously damage the website’s funnel, and this could be collateral damage. You can choose to find a great internet service provider because they can easily block out the DDoS attacks from attacking your website. 

What could be the circumstances?

Usually, DDoS attacks started two decades ago where they wanted to compromise the huge set of computers at once. They would steal personal data and sensitive information from computers. With the added securities such as CCTVs, cybercrime is the way to go. If at all there is a small security vulnerability, then it can be very disastrous for the business. 

Cybercriminals are always looking out for new ways to break into our computers to gain sensitive personal information, and DDoS attack is the easiest way to do so. Launching a DDoS attack can happen with a single computer or a laptop with a single IP address to attack. 

Why should every website have it?

If at all you do not want your website to be unresponsive or crashing down, you need to for DDOS protection. There can be different kinds of DDoS attacks like flooding attacks or crashing attacks. 

What are the advantages of having a DDoS protected website then?

Taking the help of a DDoS protected website would do wonders for your business. You have many organizations that offer you DDoS protection solutions. This is because cybercriminals are at large now and then they can target your website any time. 

Use the services of a good DDoS protected website because they can help for many reasons. One, they can help in actually different services such as cloud protection services or maybe cut all the time consuming or the daunting tasks that you go through. Also, your organization needs to be free of any kind of malicious attack which is why having such services can help you. 

 You can also try this option of DDPaaS or DDoS Protection as a Service that is the most cost-effective option. You can get this from your hosting company and this is a complete lifesaver. You need not hire any extra IT staff especially for protecting your website against DDoS attacks. Hence, you are saving your money, resources, and time with a simple solution. This solution completely simplifies everyone’s lives while keeping the websites from crashing every Monday morning. 

 Also, hiring new IT staff is completely new and challenging. With the help of DDoS Protection as a service, you would be protected from any hybrid DDoS attacks. They can also guarantee that only clean and quality traffic would come to your website and additionally, you would have an ISP guarantee that helps in getting you clean traffic. 

No Additional Fee 

Sometimes, there are a few web hosting service providers who provide the DDoS Protection Service as an additional service and charge for them. However, there are genuine web hosting service providers out there such as Genius Guard who do not charge any additional fee while providing you DDoS protection software. Always look for a service provider who provides this service as a part of a larger services package. 

You will be saving a lot of money if you have the protection software in place. Having a predictable and effective protection service can help you in a lot of ways. You do not need to worry about it snitching every week. 

It improves your brand reputation

Customer Satisfaction is very important for any business to thrive and if your website is running smooth and wonderful, then it automatically improves the reputation of your service. It is a win-win situation for you as a customer and also your web hosting service provider who can either add this into all the services they are providing or provide it at an additional cost. Value-added service is also fine as long as the customers do not know about the DDoS attacks and only clean traffic is sent there. 


Now, that you have enough information about the key reasons why you need to have DDoS Protection Service for your website, you need to make another decision to go ahead and choose your Internet Service Provider carefully. Not only your ISP but also your hosting provider needs to be the one who can provide you with DDoS mitigation services for your website. 

Keep Remember, your data is precious for others. The security of your website is always prior. Do your homework about finding the right one for your business or your organization or your website.