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A Guide to Elmiron Eye Damage Lawsuit

Elmiron refers to a medication that is used for treating pain or discomfort caused due to bladder disorder known as interstitial cystitis. The other name of the disorder is painful bladder syndrome. It is a condition that causes pain or pressure in the bladder and sometimes results in pain in the entire pelvic region. Theoretically, the Elmiron works by restoring the bladder’s inner surface that protects the wall of the bladder from substances in urine which can irritate the bladder.

The important thing is that the medication is available only on the prescription of the doctor. It works by forming layers on the bladder wall as well as protecting the bladder from irritating substances in the urine. Along with the bladder conditions, this drug is prescribed by the doctors for osteoarthritis.

Interstitial Cystitis

Interstitial cystitis refers to a chronic condition that causes pressure in the bladder as well as pain in the entire pelvis. It is a rare disease that occurs mostly in females. The suffering of this problem can range from mild discomfort to severe as well as debilitating pain. Elmiron is the only oral medication that got approval by U.S FDA for treating intestinal cystitis.

While Elmiron is an approved oral medication, there are numerous therapies available for individuals suffering from interstitial cystitis. The list of treatments includes

  • Physical therapy
  • Nerve stimulation procedures
  • Medications instilled into the bladder
  • Oral medications antihistamines, anti-inflammatory drugs, and tricyclic antidepressants
  • Bladder distention

The doctors might recommend surgery in severe cases. 

Elmiron Link to Eye Damage

Elmiron is considered a safe drug with few side effects. However, long-term Elmiron use has been linked to rare as well as serious eye condition known as pigmentary maculopathy. It is a gradual and progressive degenerative condition that causes loss of central vision or blind spots in beginning. Later, this condition can worsen into total blindness. Within the eye, it causes pigmented cells under the retina to break down releasing pigment which winds up settling on the macula.

The build-up retina results in vision distortion or blurriness, difficulty in adjusting to light and darkness, and even loss of vision. The other common issues include eye pain, sensations of flashing lights, distorted vision, loss of color, dark spots, blurred vision, and hallucinations. According to researchers’ vision-threatening pigmentary maculopathy cause due to Elmiron is likely irreversible. It is important to understand that the loss of vision is not recoverable. 

 When patients start noticing symptoms like difficulty reading, vision dimming, difficulty adjusting to darkness or dim light, they might stop taking Elmiron. They think leaving the Elmiron would prevent further damage. However, it is essential to understand that the damage that occurred to the macula is permanent. It is essential to have a word with the doctor who prescribed medication and undergo a full eye examination. 

No matter whether you experience adverse symptoms, or not taking Elmiron for a long time, a full eye examination is a must. In case you or a loved one has been taking Elmiron and experienced this eye disease, you need to consult an Elmiron eye damage lawyer as soon as possible. The expert would help you secure the compensation you deserve that includes medical bills for eye disease, lost income, mental anguish damages, etc.  

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