A complete Guide To Choose A Right Hospital Gurney

A complete Guide To Choose A Right Hospital Gurney

When you think of a hospital gurney, a picture of a hospital bed with a mattress and steel rails in the sides with wheels used for transporting patients from one place to another might show up in front of your eyes. However, modern-day gurneys come with life-supporting technologies and are advanced.

The medical facilities today are more inclined towards using one type of gurney so that the staff is familiar with it. However, before choosing the stretcher, there are a few things to be kept in mind. First, there are three types of gurneys to choose from –


    The height and position of this type of gurney can be controlled manually using a crank. It means that manual labor is required every time the position of the bed needs to change. This type of hospital gurney is suitable if the position is not changed frequently. A manual gurney is the most economical option.

Semi electric

These gurneys come with a motor that controls the alterations needed for the head and feet using push buttons. However, the height adjustment is till manual. They are more expensive than manual gurneys and are suitable if you do not have to adjust the height, but the positions of head and feet rest.

Fully electric

A fully electric gurney can be plugged into an outlet and controlled by a remote. In this type, the need for manual labor is eliminated, and different positions are changed very quickly. Even the height can be altered with push buttons.

The most important thing while choosing a hospital gurney, however, is the gurney mattress. The function of a gurney or a wheeled stretcher is to transport patients from one room in the hospital to another, which means the stretcher mattress used should be firm and comfortable. So, while choosing the right gurney mattress, consider these points –

Antimicrobial and hypoallergenic

While buying the stretcher mattress, make sure that you purchase the one that not only retains dust mites but also resists germs. It will allow you to protect the patients from obtaining dust allergies and infections, which can prove to be extremely harmful to their lives.

Cleanliness and maintenance

When you are choosing the gurney mattress, you must ensure that it is easy to clean and maintain so that the staff does not have to spend hours cleaning the mattress, especially during emergencies. You can cover the mattress with latex or vinyl covers as well, which care dust resistant, waterproof, and can be easily wiped with disinfectants for cleaning.


The right gurney mattress must have a waterproof core, as the patients, usually brought in by the Emergency Medical Services in crucial situations, lose blood as well as other fluids from their bodies. If the mattress gets drenched in such fluids, other patients may get infected, which would be merely unhygienic.

Density and thickness

The mattress should not be too soft and thin or too hard and firm. If the mattress is too soft, it may be able to support the patient’s weight and make them feel uncomfortable on the hard iron surface. If the mattress is too hard, it may cause pain and be inconvenient for the patient. A patient generally suffers from pain, and this is why the mattress should be made of denser foam so that full support and utmost comfort is provided to the patient.


One of the most important factors while choosing a stretcher mattress is its durability. The mattress will be used throughout the night and day, and it should not lose its form and shape in a short duration. You can look for sellers that offer a guarantee period or suitable after-sales services.


The mattress should be worth its money. If you are looking for a temporary solution, you can spend less on the mattress while investing a significant amount for a mattress that would be in its perfect condition for years would be suitable for a health facility looking for a permanent solution.


Patients need optimum comfort while being transported from one room to another. That is why choosing the right hospital gurney depends on the type you want as well as the mattress it comes with.