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7 Tips on Choosing the Best Shoes for Parties

The average American has 19 pairs of shoes stocked up in their closets. This overall average is comprised of the typical woman owning 27 pairs and a man sporting 12 pairs.

With a collection like this, it can be overwhelming to decide on the perfect pair of shoes for parties. Is your match already in your wardrobe or is it time to hit the shops? 

If you’ve been scratching your head wondering if it’s time to add to your collection, we’ve got your back. Follow along to learn 7 of our best tips for completing your outfit while staying within your party shoe budget. 

1. Consider the Party Type

The shoes that you select for an elegant holiday party will be vastly different from the ones suitable for a backyard bash.

While having a classic pair of black heels is always a great idea for any lady’s closet, you may find it more beneficial to find a more casual pair of shoes for parties as well.

2. Compliment Your Outfit

Consider the colors and outfit options you have available in your closet or use your carefully selected party apparel to determine the best shoe choice. With so many styles for shoes and color combinations, you may find your perfect match in a statement sneaker or keep it versatile with a neutral slip-on.

3. Environment

Think about where your party is taking place and what environment comes along with that. Is it cold and slippery outside? Will you be in a warm dry room for the majority of the evening? 

These factors will help you decide on closed-toe or open-toe options and set you up for a seamless party experience.

4. Comfort

It can be tempting to squeeze into ill-fitting shoes or crazy high-heels on the night of a big party but think about your future self before you buy those ‘one size too small’ sale shoes. 

The reality of aching feet and forced barefoot dances is both unappealing and unsafe. Save yourself from having your toes stepped on and feet permanently blackened and choose comfort for a big night. 

For shopping online, use the charts for the fitting for shoes and aim for high-quality brands for comfort.

5. Rock the Trends

The days of being forced into shiny black shoes for a party are over. With popular shoe brands influencing trendy new kicks, you may find you wish you had popped on that pair of crisp white lace-ups instead of your flats. 

When in doubt, follow the trends and rock your in-style look all night long.

6. Be Unique

If your more of a trendsetter than a follower, use your shoes for parties to make a statement. 

Express your personality with your unique style and change up your selection from party to party. Be ahead of the pack and draw attention with unconventional pairings and bold choices.

7. Consider Buying Shoes Online

Whether your local shoe store is sold out of your size or you are looking for the best deals to stay within your party shoe budget, online stores are a great option for your party shoes. 

Shop the most popular shoe brands and explore different styles for shoes on reputable sites such as kickscrew.com. You’ll be able to land even the trendiest Adidas with ease.

Ace Your Shoes for Parties

Now that you know the top tips for choosing the perfect pair of shoes for parties, you can set out with confidence in your carefully selected kicks. 

Want in on more fashion secrets and tricks? Hop over to our fashion articles to learn everything you need to know for a fashionable night out. 

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