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Brian Harris

7 Signs You Need to Replace Your AC Now

air conditioner

Are you feeling the summer heat? If your air conditioner doesn’t seem to be working as well as it used to, you may need to replace it. Don’t wait until the last minute and risk having no AC during a hot day. Here are seven signs that you should call a licensed and experienced HVAC company, like Master Plumbers Heating & Cooling in Greensboro, NC, for a new AC installation.

1. Old age

If your air conditioner is over a decade old, it’s time to consider a replacement. Older units tend to be less energy-efficient and require frequent repairs, which can cost more in the long run than just replacing the entire unit with a new one.

2. Loud, strange noises

If you hear loud banging or squealing noises from your AC unit, it could mean something is wrong with the fan motor and blades or compressor. Contact an HVAC company for a repair evaluation to see if replacing your unit would be more cost-effective.

3. Weird smells

If you start noticing a musty, moldy smell coming from your air conditioner, it’s likely due to a build-up of dirt and debris in the ductwork or evaporator coil. If left unchecked, this could lead to health issues, so it’s best to call an HVAC company to take care of the problem.

4. High energy bills

If you’ve noticed that your electricity bills have been steadily increasing, it could be because your air conditioner is no longer running as efficiently as it should. A new, more energy-efficient unit can help reduce monthly bills and provide consistent comfort.

5. Uneven cooling

If you notice that some rooms in your home are warmer than others, it could mean that your AC can no longer cool the entire house adequately. An HVAC company can inspect your unit and suggest a new one that can provide even cooling throughout the home.

6. Wrong-size AC

If your air conditioner is constantly running and still can’t keep your house cool, it could be a sign that the unit is too small for your home or has become less efficient. Replacing your unit with a new, appropriately sized one can help keep your house cool during even the hottest summer days.

7. Constant repairs

If you find yourself having to frequently call an HVAC company for repairs on your air conditioner, then it may be time to replace the unit. Frequent repairs can become costly and may not even fix underlying issues, so getting a new AC installation could save you money in the long run.

If your AC exhibits any of these signs, it’s best to contact an HVAC company for a professional evaluation. A technician can provide the best advice to get your air conditioner back up and running or help you decide if it’s time for a new installation. Don’t wait until the last minute and risk being stuck in the heat—replace your AC now!