Brian Harris

7 Major Types of Obesity and Ways To Overcome Them

There are different types of obesity, but you can control all of them if you entrust the process to specialists who will select a personalized treatment plan. Yes, obesity comes in many forms and each has different causes. Therefore, it often happens that you follow a diet and exercise, but you do not get the result you are striving for.

In order to avoid disappointment, we want to tell you more about what obesity is and what are some of its types. However, if you want to lose weight, it is better to contact a specialist who will determine exactly what your problem is. In addition, he will select a personalized treatment, because each case is individual and there is no universal solution.

Types Of Obesity And Their Causes

Obesity can occur for various reasons. Depending on this, you can choose one or another treatment strategy.

1. Hereditary Obesity

Have you noticed that there are families, all members of which suffer from obesity? This may be due to two problems. This may be due to bad eating habits being firmly rooted in the family or because of a certain genetic predisposition to this problem.

However, this does not mean that patients with a genetic predisposition to obesity should give up. Although it is much more difficult for them to achieve the desired number on the scales, there are effective methods to help them lose weight. But for this, they must consult a specialized clinic and get from a professional.

2. Obesity Due To Alcohol Abuse

Several researchers found that frequent consumption of alcohol increases the risk of obesity and weight gain among individuals. This happens because of the excess calories that these beverages provide the body and the appetite-enhancing effect that they cause. Despite the harmful consequences of alcohol abuse, it is still common among veterans and the general public.

However, the statistics about veterans and substance abuse disorder reveal that the rate of addiction among veterans has only increased over the past decade. This is the reason for obesity among veterans when they try to adjust to normal life. Thus, we recommend anyone suffering from addiction, fight it and get control over their life.

3. Obesity Due To Malnutrition

This is the most famous type of obesity. Since many people lead a predominantly sedentary lifestyle, they take in more calories than they burn. This type of obesity has the simplest solution. All you need is to reconsider your eating style, as well as give up bad habits.

However, those who suffer from excess weight are well aware that this is not easy to do. After all, this implies a radical lifestyle change. It’s not enough to just go to the gym and eat right for a while, it’s a lifelong treatment plan.

Over time, you can relax a little, as the metabolism will speed up. But in general, if you want to maintain adequate weight, you will need to strictly adhere to certain rules throughout your life.

4. Obesity Due To Metabolic Disorders

One of the most common types of obesity is due to metabolic disorders. It happens when the body does not regulate the feeling of hunger well. Therefore, such people never feel full. Thus, they are always hungry, even if they consume a huge amount of food.

When they sit at the table, there is no end to the meal. This leads to a constant feeling of dissatisfaction, which can be complicated by the appearance of obesity. Thus, if you are also facing a similar situation, you should try consulting a doctor.

5. Obesity Due To Nerves

Food brings pleasure. Therefore, people who are prone to anxiety or other psychological problems compensate for the discomfort with food. And usually, people eat foods that contain a large amount of sugar and fat to calm their nerves.

Therefore, in this case, it is advisable to supplement the diet with maintenance therapy. A psychologist or psychiatrist can help you deal with these peaks of stress and channel your energy into something other than food. For such patients, the process of normalizing weight is very difficult, as they must give up one of their few sources of pleasure.

6. Endocrine Obesity

The most common cause of this type of obesity is hypothyroidism and hypocortisolism. The endocrine system does not work properly, and a person gains excess weight due to hormonal imbalance. In the first case, the thyroid gland produces fewer hormones than is necessary for the metabolism of food. and in the second case, the adrenal cortex produces fewer hormones.

7. Thermogenic Obesity

Earlier we pointed out that excess weight appears due to the consumption of more calories than the body needs, it simply cannot burn them all. In this case of obesity, the body is not able to reach the temperature required for this burning. Therefore, almost all calories get immediately converted to fat.

In this case, medical intervention is necessary. If you follow normal diets, serious health problems can arise. This is because there is a risk of reducing your calorie intake to an unhealthy degree. So without wasting more time, it is better to listen to your doctor’s advice.

Take Away

The issue of obesity is much more serious than we usually think. And you need to treat it with all responsibility. Therefore, as soon as you notice that you have begun to gain kilograms, you should seek the advice of a specialist. 

We mentioned some major causes and types of obesity and ways to deal with them. So only after visiting a doctor, you will be able to get diagnosed with the right problem. Then he or she will select the most appropriate treatment based on an accurate diagnosis. Do not neglect your health condition and incorporate necessary measures to improve it today.