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Brian Harris

6 steps to create outstanding VUI for startups

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Let us begin with a few questions before getting started with the real thing!

What is the driving force behind a successful mobile application? How can startups or organizations hook the audience for a longer run to the app? How can you separate your app from your competitors’ app? What is the USP of your application that can make users choose your app over others?

Well, the answers to all the questions is a great and outstanding user interface. A leading mobile app development company always pays attention to the UI of the app to make it better than others. Above all, UI is something that carries a lot of importance just like other core features of a mobile application. 

But there are many apps that are not appealing, or chaotic to use, which makes users quit or abandon the app forever. In such a situation, designing the app with preciseness, intelligence using the app’s identity is mandatory. 


Because there are more than 5 million mobile apps. Under these numbers, a few are known or used by everyone, a few are being known through friends or recommendations, and the rest are competing hard to reach the level of other apps or at least known or seen by the users. 

In this situation, getting the UI done right is important. Meanwhile, to give an extra edge to the app, a brand new concept used by many organizations is “VUI”. VUI is called the Voice user interface. It is a way through which users simply ask or solve their queries verbally instead of typing and taking the time. 

VUI is in high demand today because more users want to solve their queries instantly and easily rather than typing the whole story and choosing the right words too. Another reason is voice is way more natural than typing and looking for words. 

Understanding how important VUI is to an application, iOS, Android app developers and other experts ensures that the VUI designs bring great results to the organization and enhance the experience to the user. 

For designing a great VUI, there are 6 major steps to follow anyhow. Without using them, expecting your app with the VUI feature might fail. Here, in this post, we will be looking at those major steps to make things work nicely. 

Let’s get started- 

6 major steps for designing VUI

1. User persona

Before getting started with your VUI app, understanding your audience and gaining insights into their interest and demand definitely gives an edge to any application. Designing and developing your app without them might fail in reality. 

For that matter, get a nice understanding of how are your users going to use VUI for their solutions and queries. In order to do so, you need to get started with a few questions like- 

  • What is the purpose of your VUI in the everyday life of your users?
  • Why and how your user will be using this VUI feature?
  • Your VUI can become an efficient source in their life or not?

Once done with these questions, get started with others too like-

  • What will be your application’s personality?
  • How will your app sound to the user?
  • How will they behave with your app?
  • The personality you are planning to give to the VUI- is it going to suit your user’s idea?

Ensure you are done with these questions before getting started with the VUI app development project. 

2. The uses cases

As mentioned earlier, speaking is natural than thinking or writing. Also, it is one of the fastest modes of conveying information to others in their respective language. Other than that, VUI can be used by anyone with ease. 

Thus, to get started with VUI designing, ensure you are considering real-life situations and use cases of the users. Take for example- figure out what is Mukund trying to gain from the VUI? Why he be using your VUI feature over other apps? And other related questions. 

After analyzing use cases, real-life situations, and similar things, you can actually club everything together and put them on the same page for further processes. 

Also, always remember- keep the prioritized or important features the foremost thing made into the app. Neglect not so important features in the beginning or opt for the MVP version of the app. The MVP will provide you an in-depth understanding of what features are being highly liked/disliked by the users. 

3. The design

Writing content as per the reading perspective is way easier than writing for all the speaking requirements. Hence, before getting started with the VUI app development project, analyze real-life situations like – how users often converse with each other or through phone calls. Once understanding this, writing dialogues accordingly will not be that challenging. 

4. Deliverables

There are two types of deliverables that are donned with app developers. The first one is about sample dialogues and another one is about flow diagrams. 

Flow diagrams are higher-level designing that involves possibilities like error messages, backend requirements, happy notes, and others. Sample dialogues on the other hand are like storyboards for speech. 

Both the deliverables consist of their share of advantages and disadvantages. Ensure to follow both the deliverables for outstanding VUI. 

5. VUI specifications

Once you are done with the above-mentioned points, now is the time to write down all the dialogues that will suit the requirements of the users. 

Here the specifications will be messages, errors, slots, utterances, and others. 

6. Prototyping & testing

Last but not least, Prototyping & testing are essential to make things work nicely. 

This is the stage from where you will be looking at the result while analyzing what you done in the initial stages. If you find out any bug or error in this step, there is still the option to move back and correct the issue before the actual launch of the application. 

Ensure you are thoroughly doing testing for even the smallest of issues, otherwise offering a smooth and error-free experience to the user will become tough and ultimately failed!

These are the ultimate 6 steps for creating and designing an outstanding VUI for your application. Meanwhile, there are more on the list that can also be used. 

But before anything, ensure your app idea is transforming and it can help any person, any time without any lag. Once knowing that your idea is competitive and good enough, the next step is to appoint the top app development company. They will bring you the exact result without any fail. And other steps will get under their guidance. Keeping everything together, let your idea be the talk of the town!