Video Marketing

Brian Harris

5 Ways to Use Video Marketing for a Successful Business

In the constantly altering content marketing landscape, video is currently the most favored format among audiences. Considering its rising popularity, it should also be the one for sharing information and making a connection with them. As per a study, it is expected to attract 82% of internet traffic by the year 2021. If you are still not a part of the YouTube marketing revolution, it is time you took some serious steps to join in.

If you have already incorporated videos into your marketing content, you should go through a reality check to see if the quality and content of your videos is able to give you the results that it is expected to. If not, then follow the strategies described below to get the maximum benefit from video marketing.

5 Ways to Use Video Marketing for a Successful Business

1. Define the Results Desired from Video Marketing

This is the first step to any marketing strategy. Until you know what you want your video to achieve, the video will not be able to deliver it. To make a video, you must have a well-defined purpose around which the storyline for the video can be developed. If you have multiple messages that you would like to get across to your audiences, creating a series of videos with a similar backdrop can serve the purpose well. 

Unplanned videos will often lead to the messages getting lost and hence fail to achieve the marketing goal. Hence, take small steps into video marketing and lengthen your strides as you see the right kind of results coming in. 

2. Create Useful Videos for Your Target Segment

Getting your target segment to watch your video is not difficult. What is difficult is to make them look forward to more videos, make them watch it again and ask others to watch it too. To achieve this, your video should have the value of information as well as the value of entertainment. In the absence of even one of them, the video can be a failure at producing results. Consistently providing the consumers with valuable content can make them keep coming back for more. This is a step towards success.

A video has the capability of increasing the click-through rates by 300% as compared to purely textual content. If a marketing e-mail message contains plain text, there is a high chance that it will be treated as spam. An image can get a better result, but if it has embedded video content, it garners maximum interest. 

3. Tell the Consumers a Story Through Your Videos

A story not only captures interest but also retains a viewer’s attention and also aids in the recall of the content. This makes a story an all-important factor of your video. A video of all formats, including a company profile, can be told in a story format. This inspires the consumers to connect with your brand and helps forge a relationship between the producer and the consumer. 

4. Make Videos Comfortable to View on mobile Devices

The users do not use their computers as much for browsing anymore. They have shifted to their smartphones for watching videos, online shopping, playing games and using apps. Since mobile devices play such an important role, it is only reasonable that the video is easy to view on them. Also, the videos should not be too long to make it comfortable to watch. The amount of time spent on mobiles is on a rise and for that reason, it is very important that the websites and other visual content are easily viewed on them.

5. Get into Collaborations to Improve Visibility

Influencers play a big role in bringing your audiences closer to you. Promoting your services through collaborations with them gives your product visibility that stays and not only creates awareness but also impresses upon them a positive image. This helps in recall when a product of a certain category or a certain service is desired. With the help of influencers, the videos get viewed and shared innumerable times and hence its reach is enhanced multifold.

Choose your influencers well in order to reach the right audience and collaborate with the right kind of content. If the content does not interest your audience, the collaboration is bound to fail. Promoting cooking appliances through a famous chef is good, but promoting baby products through the same would be a disaster.

If you take care of the above-mentioned tips when creating your video content, it will be able to help you achieve the key goals as per the video marketing strategy plan and generate successful growth for your business. You may take the help of professional companies such as Techmagnate for more suggestions. If any business still feels that YouTube marketing is not the way forward for them, they may not be able to reach their full potential and lose out to competition who create better awareness through this mode.