Reduce pain

Brian Harris

5 Natural Ways to Reduce pain

Reduce pain

Experiencing pain is one of the most frustrating and debilitating things that a person can go through. Usually, when one has a backache or toothache, the first thing they do is to look for a painkiller to relieve the pain. 

Even though over-the-counter medicines such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen can relieve pain effectively, using them for an extended period can cause adverse side effects. Prescription medications can also become addictive. Other than that, they also come with the risk of side effects and drug interactions. That’s why you may consider natural ways to relieve pain. Here are some of the natural ways you can relieve pain.

1. Turmeric

Turmeric is a spice used to give curries the yellow color and flavor. Turmeric has amazing anti-inflammatory properties.  Research has shown that turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties can help to reduce pain associated with arthritis, ulcers, stomach upset, etc.

 Turmeric also contains the compound known as curcumin.  Curcumin is an oxidant that helps to protect the body from free radical molecules which may damage cells and tissues.  To include the natural turmeric in your diet, try adding it to smoothies, curries, or juices.  You can also prepare turmeric tincture, here is the recipe.

2. Ginger

Ginger is also a natural pain reliever that you can use at home. Research shows that consuming 2 grams of ginger per day can significantly reduce muscle pain. Researchers also suggest that ginger may speed up recovery and reduce inflammation related to exercise. You can include ginger in your diet by adding raw ginger to teas or smoothies. You can also use ginger supplements, which are available online and in health stores. 

3. Cloves

Whole cloves are usually used to spice up meat and rice dishes. As a medicine, cloves are available in powder or capsule. There’s also clove oil. You can use cloves to treat various conditions. People have used cloves for decades as a home remedy to relieve pain from toothache. Cloves may also help relieve nausea and pain related to headaches, and to treat colds as well. 

Another study also suggests that cloves may also be used to treat fungal infections. Eugenol is an active ingredient found in cloves. It relieves pain naturally and it is sometimes used in some over-the-counter painkillers.  

4. Yoga

Yoga is also a perfect way to manage pain naturally. Managing back pain typically includes physical therapy and stretching. Yoga provides you with these two. Yoga integrates breathing exercises and relaxation methods; therefore, practicing yoga can help to relieve pain associated with stress or anxiety. Yoga can also help to improve low back pain and neck pain. 

5. Mindfulness meditation

The majority of people who experience chronic pain are now turning to mindfulness meditation as a natural treatment method. Meditation has shown to help relieve pain. Continuous meditation may lead to physical changes in the brain that helps in altering the perception of pain. People who meditate regularly tend to experience lower pain sensitivity compared to people who don’t meditate.