Emergency Decontamination

Brian Harris

4 Reasons to Offer Emergency Decontamination for Vehicles

You already offer a number of cleaning options for different situations. Have you considered the idea of adding emergency vehicle decontamination to the list? Along with crime scene cleanups, unattended death and suicide cleanups, and hoarding cleanouts, there’s a true need for this type of deep cleaning. Here are some of the reasons why adding emergency decontamination to your list of services makes sense. 

Decontamination Prevents Sickness

Decontaminating emergency vehicles means that the people who drive them every day are less likely to become ill. It also means that any person who is alone as part of the support team is a little safer. That means a lot when you’re talking about professionals who can make a difference in life or death situations. 

For example, your efforts can help protect the well-being of EMTs as they go about their daily work. It can also come in handy for those who may transport anyone who is injured to a local clinic or another facility. Thanks to your work, they are able to keep working and helping people who need attention as quickly as possible.

There are More Emergency Vehicles Than You May Realize

It’s easy to think of ambulances when the idea of emergency vehicles come to mind. What you may not realize is there are other sorts of emergency vehicles that may involved contact with biohazards. Those also need attention by a professional. 

Consider the police car that transports people who have been injured. There are also aircraft that are used to airlift people to healthcare facilities. You can even include non-transporting EMS vehicles in the mix. When you think about it, there are quite a few vehicles that may need the type of cleaning that you offer. 

The Work is Steady

The reality of today’s world is that there will always be situations that result in some kind of biohazard. It also means that there will be hazards found in a number of vehicles. By offering emergency decontamination, you can rest assured there will rarely be a day when your team doesn’t end up responding to a call to decontaminate some sort of vehicle. 

When paired with the other types of cleaning you offer, it’s a safe bet that there will always be more work to complete. That in turn means your employees have things to do and there’s money coming in to pay them. 

Your Efforts Make It Possible for the Vehicles to Be Back on the Road Sooner

Emergency vehicles shouldn’t remain out of commission for very long. The fact that there are always more people to transport to hospitals or that need medical attention on the spot mean that those vehicles cannot remain out of use for days or even for several hours. With the type of work that you do, it’s possible to help make sure they are back on the road sooner rather than later. 

Consider what a difference your efforts could make to someone who is in dire need of medical attention. Whether it’s a heart attack, an injury, or some other issue, the fact that there’s a vehicle and a team ready to respond could determine if the person has a chance of living or not. 

The bottom line is that offering emergency vehicle decontamination is something that helps the community as well as yourself. Find out what it would take to prepare for this kind of cleaning and make sure the team is properly trained. It won’t take long before you see the wisdom of adding this service to what you already offer.